Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Capcom Rolling Out the Big "Unexpected" Guns On Wii

2009 is looking like a great year for Wii: The Conduit, Monster Hunter 3, Sin & Punishment 2, Klonoa and oh so many others, are all set to ensure the little white console has a strong line up of quality third party titles. Indeed, third party support is in full swing.

Capcom's efforts on Wii have been debatable; some appreciate the likes of Zack & Wiki, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, while others have dismissed the company for a lack of "serious" content in vein of Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV. However, come 2009, those opinions might change. According to IGN, Capcom will "have some unexpected big guns of its own" next year.

As Rockman fans, what can we expect? Anything. RM9's success (specifically) on Wii might have convinced Capcom to produce more Rockman games for the system, maybe something a bit more "present day" (i.e not "retro"). Personally, I'd love to see an X9 utilizing Irregular Hunter X's engine, complete with some gesture controls.

How about you guys? Any hopes on Wii?


  1. I am very happy that third party support for Wii so now I am going to buy Wii because I prefer third party games since they are very good games. :)

    I can't wait for any new rockman maybe Rockman Rockman and Rockman X import to Wii with new sequels on the way instead of PSP would be nice!

  2. I'll be honest, screw all the other games, damn them to hell, give us a god damn Dash 3! xD

  3. I need a sequel to Zack & Wiki!

  4. Anything but another retro title would be awesome. :D RM9 was really cool, but once was enough.

    DASH 3, X9, EXE/SSR/Shin Rockman (XD) Whatever! :) I just want an awesome, preferably 3D, polished Rockman game for wii. It's been well over a year since we heard about Scramble battle and my hopes for a Rockman Wii title were stirred. We need one by now!

  5. "Personally, I'd love to see an X9 utilizing Irregular Hunter X's engine"

    This is exactly what I want... nay, what the "Rockman community" wants. :)

  6. Layer's Sexy Adventures!

    No? Well, a guy can dream can't he?

  7. We'll see what this entails.

    But I really want a 3rd DASH. That's what I want most of all.

    As far as I'm concerned, they can do whatever the hell else they want regarding Rockman, so long as they can grant me that.

    After so many years, I really want Trigger to come back in style...and with a game play engine that reflects that they've learned from the last few years, such that we won't have to deal with so much in the way of "Tank controls", perhaps...


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