Monday, December 15, 2008

SSR3 Site Updates

Been a long time since we last saw the Wave Station update. Today's concerns the unveiling of the Burai Noise Change and set of new Noise Modification Gear packs:

-"Diabolos Stage" Noise Gear packs announced for a January 29th release. This new series will offer a total of 68 new cards, five cards per pack.

-The Burai Noise Change was officially unveiled, confirming the following attributes:
-Null element
-No weakness
-No Charge Shot
-Non-time freezing Sword cards +50
-Mu Rejection blocks one attack

The form is obtained by having "no real Brothers", though a few unknown requirements must be met prior.

More updates to come.


  1. Cool pic!!! Thanks!

  2. Wow. Neat picture. That alone makes me want SSR3. Even though it won't look as cool in-game, I am now buying it.

    And I probably won't even unlock Burai Noise Change. XD

  3. See now, the blue visor looks so much better than the pink color... But then a blue one wouldn't look that great on a blue character suppose...

  4. I have the game. I got Burai noise. But all i did to get it was win a WARNING battle. That's about it. It does help with the indie proof.


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