Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Rockman World Collection" On Ebay. Riiight.

Yeesh. Obviously this is a pirate but an interesting pirate nonetheless.

Here, we have an auction for a "Rockman World Collection," a multicart presumably containing RMWorld 1~5 alongside a few other games. Indeed, such an item is tempting; who wouldn't want to own all five World titles in a single cart? For $9.99 plus and extra $15.00 in shipping, a pirate of this caliber just isn't worth it.

I say wait it out until an official RMWorld Collection comes to fruition. Who knows, maybe we'll hear from MegaMan Mania once again.


  1. They are probably fake, i can just see the Chinese character.
    It's definitely made in illegal china.

  2. I also love that it just says "Game" instead of "Game Boy/Game Boy Color". :3

    But yes, very much fake, interesting to see though.

  3. I dunno, it could be legit. Lode Runner was always my favorite Megaman game.

  4. RMWorld? Were those the gameboy games? I thought they were just called Rockman.

    Shows what I know. XD

  5. A piracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont buy it... Capcom dont sell like this! A piracy from roms make a copy into cart and sell for profit! PIRACY!!!!! DONT BUY IT!

  6. I seriously doubt that all of those games could fit on a single Game Boy cartridge. I mean, if you wanted to make a more convincing fake, they could have at least used a GBA or DS cart or something...

  7. Just for fun I reported the guy to Ebay for piracy. I know it'll do nothing in the long run but people taking Megaman money out of Capcom's coffers irk me.

  8. You'd be surprised at how many games they can fit in a single GB cartridge. I'm sure they could've added a few more games.

  9. Aww, I really wanted to plat Pit Man.

  10. PIRACY PIRACY PIRACY so WTF are you guys crying about ? yes this one is piracy.
    But one cartridge got all Rock Man World, all in one that is the point.

    "I wonder why so many games can fit one GB cartridge ~" WTF thats question ?
    Genuine is 1 game 1 cartridge doesn't mean GB game is so hugeeee

    You know Micro SD ? See it size ? one micro SD can hold all of GB + GBC rom on it
    and maybe plus all of NES games. I talking about "Size"

    Sorry guys .. I feel so idiot reading all of your comment here.


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