Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inafune Promises To Make "That Game"

Keiji Inafune is no stranger to the blogosophere. The producer behind the Mega Man series occasionally discusses his feelings and thoughts over at his blog on Daletto. Today, he wrote up a rather lengthy post concerning his deep desire to make "that game." He doesn't specifically identify "that game", but it's safe to assume he's referring to the much demanded third entry in the Mega Man Legends series.

Courtesy of The Mega Man Network, here's the message in English:


" There are games I want to make but am unlikely to be able to make. Or perhaps it’s that there are less people who can make the games they want to make. Being a game creator, when is the time you feel the greates happiness? Surely it’s when you can sell a product you made through great hardships? Or when you make a game that you wanted to make? It varies from person to person, but for me, I like the moments when I’m making a game I want to make. I can’t help but enjoy the time I’m thinking “Would it be interesting if I do it like this, or like that?” Of course I’m probably happy from the excitement of a game going to market, but that’s the expectation when you reach the end....

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"There are works that I love even though they didn’t sell. I don’t want to erase these from my game making history just because they didn’t sell. And even if they don’t sell, they’re games I made with all my heart. Games that, with all the happiness and excitement [of making them], I’m confident they share those feelings with the player. I have such a game.

I swear I will still make that game one of these days. A game that not just myself, but almost the whole staff swears on. Even in interviews I am so often asked “Supposing you were allowed make a game you’ve neglected again and again, what game would you make?” I replied without uncertainty, every time. I would make a sequel to that one game. Before I knew it, the fans who share that sentiment multiplied. All of a sudden my feelings have begun to reach out? Why now?

In the past, there’ve been times I was told by my subordinates “Your games are ahead of they’re time. You make them too soon.” Then perhaps that [game] is also too soon. But now, the voices calling out for that [game] are the most numerous. What do the fans request of it, and what do they expect of it? No, what do they want to let me do with that [game]? What sort of ways do they want it to evolve from that [game]? Surely they are waiting for that evolution throughout the world, I think.

So, I have to respond. But, I’m not doing this per usual. I am again challenging myself with a game that is ahead of its time. This time it’s a challenge at a speed that everyone can follow. The fans’ encouragement has made me inspired, and as long as the fans are there I will not abandon the revival of this work.

Truly I thank you. From here on out this game will be made with the fans."


As Heat Man notes, it definitely sounds as if Inafune is getting mentally prepped to finally make the game. Inafune views this as a challenge because, as well all know, the Legends series has a history of selling not too hot. The games don't fly off store shelves but they aren't total bombs either. Further, he doesn't want to disappoint us, that is evident.

Legends 3 or not, the man is deeply devoted to seeing this through, whatever it may be.


  1. Holy shit, he's making it.

  2. There's really no doubt in my mind that this game is anything other than Mega Man Legends 3.

  3. Clearly he is talking about Mega Man X9 in 16 bit style, right? Right? ;)

  4. "So, I have to respond. But, I’m not doing this per usual. I am again challenging myself with a game that is ahead of its time. This time it’s a challenge at a speed that everyone can follow. The fans’ encouragement has made me inspired, and as long as the fans are there I will not abandon the revival of this work.

    Truly I thank you. From here on out this game will be made with the fans."

    He's doing it. The Shadow was right.

  5. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne 2?

  6. Clearly he's talking about Mega Man's Soccer 2. But on the off chance he's talking about Legends 3, I'm excited to see what they can do with the series using modern consoles.

  7. Well, whatever game he makes for his fans, as long as he puts his all into it, I'm sure it'll be great.

  8. Hummm.

    Legends doesn't sell too hot, yet he purpedly says he's going to challenge himself with a game that is way, way out there.

    Yet I do wonder, why now?

    Waiting for Legends' poor sales to grow dusty in the mind of execs?

    Getting a higher position in the company, and then working on the idea?

    Just thinking out loud here, but it sounds like Inafune has found some kind of inspiration recently.

    ...I'm thinking Legends just became 3DS material.

    Or, if we want to think even more recently, PSP2 material.


  9. Not going to get my hopes up too high, but I do find this very intriguing.

    Even if it isn’t Legends, I’m still looking forward to perhaps seeing what game Inafune feels so strongly about.

    I feel bad for him, he’s always going through so many hardships. And now that the whiny, ungrateful Capcom fans are wishing for him to be fired, well I imagine that his stress is skyrocketing.

  10. Wishing him to be fired? Who has asked that, other than random internet trolls?

    That's kind of an inspiring speech. I've said before, I enjoyed the Legends games but didn't care much for the storyline. But all the waiting and the hype has really got me eager to play a new installment. What they could do with current-gen tech also makes me excited....I hope if they do this, they make it for PS Move. I don't own it and don't care to otherwise, but I would buy it just so I could play a motion-controlled Megaman game in high-def.

  11. *Prays for Legends 3, X9, MegaMan 11,MHX 2, Powered Up 2 or ZX3*

    You have my support, Mr. Inafune!

    There's a pretty high chance that it's gonna be Legends 3. If it's not, I'm looking forward to whatever new MegaMan game he's making.

    As a North America MegaMan fan, I give full support to whatever the father of MegaMan is creating. Trust me, I'm nothing like those whiney NA MegaMan fans. I enjoyed Classic, X, Zero, Battle Network, Star Force, ZX and Legends back when I was young.

    I still think there are some North America MegaMan fans who liked the series i mentioned and do not whine or bitch about it. Cause honestly, there are some good in people's hearts.

    If it is Legends 3, I will be gald on whatever system it may be on.

  12. Has anyone seen this: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=408634?

  13. I'm a little teary-eyed, I find the whole thing really inspiring. I really hope this works out well, whatever it is. I really don't know what to say, Inafune and Capcom themselves get a lot of flack for not listening to their fans, but ironically I thihnk they are on the better companies out there because they try their hardest to do just that. I'm glad someone like Inafune is in the position he is in now to make his visions for the fans a reality. I don't think there's anyone else I'd like to see doing it more.

  14. Guys, its battle network 7.

  15. Psh, the st00pidity of these people who don't think it's Sigma and Cain no Xboard: That's Sanctuary never fails to amaze me.

  16. I certainly wish it's not announced tomorrow as a 3DS exclusive... (tomorrow is Nintendo 3DS conference)

    Any home console will be fine... don't really want to spend $200++ getting a portable and a game T_T

  17. Be it any series, i will still go ahead and play it

  18. Are you guys aware of what is happening in general now? It is most likely NOT a coincidence that Inafune chooses to say this NOW.

    1) Today is the yearly Nintendo Japan conference... And it starts in about THREE HOURS.
    2) Capcom Europe has stated through Twitter that they are ready to announce two new games tomorrow.

    As such, there are other things I want to say.

    Even though I'm not much of a Legends fan (no secret that I'm primarily EXE):

    1 - Congratulations, Legends fans.

    2 - Since it's the Nintendo conference, if Legends 3 is announced and it's not on your platform of choice (mostly talking to 360 and PS3 fans here), I would ask that you guys PLEASE DO NOT [CENSORED] DROWN THIS BLOG IN CONSOLE WARS BULL[CENSORED].

    That kind of crap will defeat the purpose of the actual announcement in the first place, and it will only show how freaking impossibly conceited you are if you decide to go 'OMG I WAITED TEN YEARS AND IT'S NOT ON MAH HD CONSOLES, I WISH IT NEVER EXISTED'!

  19. Now I'm worrying. If it's not Megaman Legends or any Megaman games, then... I got a bad feeling about this. Pray and hope something bad won't happen to new games, like Ninja Theory did to DmC.

  20. YES! He's making Rockman X: The Legend of Ghost Sigma! FINALLY! I KNEW IT! Bwuahahahah!

    All seriousness, whether it's Megaman or not, I really do look forward to seeing what he's so passionate about. I would be honored to support a man that has created countless games and has given so much of himself to his work and at least TRIES to please the fans. I feel bad for him that Legends must (or did not) sell as well as he had hoped, and I hope if this is what he's talking about that he will bring back the series with all kinds of awesomeness flowin' through it. I can't wait. No matter what it is, it's bound to be good if this good man is that worked up about it. Get pumped!

  21. @Alilatias:

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    After reading Inafune's self pep-talk, I'm feeling a bit guilty. Do we, as a fanbase, have a concrete idea for a gameplay improvement that is not "just a sequel"? What do we want, apart for a sequel to our "favorite" MM game?

    It's already hard for Inafune to make the game of his dreams a true functional project, because reality always kicks in and interferes. Now that the oportunity finally arises, he's now worried on how the fans will assimilate this project.

    "There are works that I love even though they didn’t sell. I don’t want to erase these from my game making history just because they didn’t sell."

    Lots of games would fall in this category: MM:PU, MHX, probably the whole Legends series. Most of these games didn't sell too hot, and we already know how he desires to make more games like these, because he loved to make them.

    Now, not everyone liked these games. I believe the Legends series is a good example of that. Also, most people didn't like the whole "super-deformed" look of MM:PU, and even some people complained to death about how MHX dared to re-tell the beginning of the X series (when Inafune himself stated he intented to do so).

    I know most people wouldn't really care what little fanboys or some asshole retro-gamers say, but Inafune is a man who wants to please his fans with every single work he does, and don't blame him if he's worried. Any dedicated game producer would be.

    I say, no matter what "that gane" is, I'll make sure to welcome it with wisdom and prudence.

    Now, on the other hand...


  22. @Hypercoyote: Pretty much the entire Capcom-Unity community wants him out.


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