Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rockman’s Sprite Logic Released In Japan

Mobile phone savvy Rockman fans in Japan now have a little something to flex their brains with, as Rockman's Sprite Logic has released for Docomo, Au, and SoftBank series phones. Basically, it's Rockman-themed Picross.

The concept is simple: Using a 20x20 grid, players must unearth a hidden sprite-based image. The numbers provided along the top and side of the grid act as clues, leaving players to decide which blocks should be filled in or left blank. Unravel the mystery of the numbers correctly and you'll have yourself a sprite! Completed sprites can be viewed anytime via a handy-dandy sprite gallery, selectable from the game's main menu.

Unlike most games in the genre, Sprite Logic is pretty forgiving. Capcom has chosen to include the option of finite retries and undoes, optional features designed specifically for those inexperienced in the game of Picross. Surprisingly, the Sprite Logic lacks a time limit, allowing players to take as much time as needed to complete a puzzle.

Continuing a tradition laid by many mobile titles before it, Sprite Logic will remain exclusive to Japan. I mean c'mon now; what's the harm in localizing these sort of games globally? We're in a major game drought right now, and these quirky cell phone games would make for excellent filler. I don't know about you, but I'm starved for a new game here.



  1. Because historically cell phone games tank in the US.

    Yes I know that is no LONGER the case but this is Capcom they've got their heads so far in the sand they're at the Earth's core. So Capcom probably doesn't see why they should bother localizing them, especially when convinced Mega Man games don't sell in the US.

  2. @ anon: that's not sand their heads are shoved in...

    on a POSITIVE note: COOL! i didn't know they had a mega man picross! i wish they'd bring this to 3DSWare! right now, i'm about halfway through mario picross, and i'm loving that.

    well, in the future, i hope they get their heads out of thier uh... "sand" holes, and consider US/EU players when it comes to things like this.

  3. I personally wouldn't mind Mega Man Tennis... though, at the same time, that could stand to have more characters.

  4. mega man tennis... why not? mega man has emulated mario before (battle and chase = mega man kart).


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