Friday, September 30, 2011

DASH 3 Reparations Arriving In Japan

Good on their word, Capcom has begun to ship out a form of compensation to Devroom members whose work was slated to appear in  Rockman DASH 3. Below, you'll find the contents of the Japanese package, recently received by CAP Kobun (whose Donner Wels mecha design was selected as the Bonne family's latest mecha).

Inside the envelop, a heartfelt thank you letter reads, "Thank you! From all the DASH 3 team at Capcom. 2011." Also included, a set of mobile cleaners which were originally planned to be distributed at Capcom's ill-fated 3DS event event in Akihabara (cancelled in the wake of the horrific natural disasters). All in all, it's a pretty slick package. More pictures of the items here.

The English Devroom are planning on distributing something to fans in the West. The item has not be disclosed, nor have we been alerted if it's shipped out. Shouldn't be much longer now, hopefully. Keep your eyes peeled to your mailbox!

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. So what does this mean exactly? Is that game known as Megaman Legends 3...... GASP even! :D

    I have a pretty good feeling that somewhat Capcom may have something up their sleeves.

  2. That's pretty awesome. I'm loving the Servbot package

  3. hmm... i don't think i need to add any more wood to this fire. once it starts, it's going to burn. i will however stick arround to warm my hands once it starts.

  4. It's kinda saddening to see how happy that Servbot looks...

    ...Over something that's supposed to be a condolences gift.

  5. So, who wants to bet this will be the upcoming Mega Man news that Seth was talking about?

  6. Really? They best add at least a prototype chip with it!

  7. this is like one of those murder stories where the killer sends pieces of the victims bodies back to their families. only this time, we know who the killer is.

  8. For those who think this is news on Legends 3 coming back, it's not.

    This is what the Devroom gifts were meant to be sent to those who won the Events going on during the Devroom's lifespan. Things such as the Easter Egg contest and such.

    So yeah, putting hopes too high is a bit of a bad idea.

  9. @amir

    the only one here that posted that possibility was the first poster. sure, i think they have something up thier sleaves, but i don't think this has anything to do with it. if legends 3 is still coming, i certainly don't think that this is a sign of hope for it. but then, when have you ever heard of a video game being publicly canned, and then... *duke nukem forever* ...crap. i hope i didn't just get anyone's hopes up.

  10. Legends 3 is not going to be coming. Capcom has no plans for it. So you know what? Let's make them make plans for it. Simple, right?

    I'm honestly disappointed at Capcom. All they're saying is 'thanks for joining us' instead of "we're sorry for canceling the game". That's not a condolences letter, It's a thank you letter. Why are they thanking us? Hell, Why are they thanking anyone? They should be saying they're sorry instead of completely ignoring the fact that they cancled Legends 3. Sure, It's a sore spot for them, But they arent going to get anywhere unless they get rid of it.

    The worst part? They only thank the people who won contests. So where's the other 99% of the fanbases 'thanks' for having to put up with your shit, Capcom?

  11. Its really ridiculous, we want the games, not stupid toys/goodies !!!!
    First,the game. After, the goodies !!

    WTH !


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