Saturday, September 17, 2011

This Mega Buster Is Stitched With Love

Capcom's official Mega Buster plush may be coming out this Winter, but one fan was already ahead of the game. Rockman Corner reader Kelsey crafted a plush arm cannon of her own as a gift for her boyfriend. If that wasn't cool enough, Keiji Inafune actually blessed the buster at New York Comicon 2010:

Who needs GE Animation's Buster when you could have one stitched with love by your significant other? Very touching.

I find it very interesting that some of the more popular fan-made products are becoming official goods. Those stitched Mega Man caps? They're licensed now. Garage kits of Rockman, Blues, and Roll? Kotobukiya's got those rights in the bag. It seems Capcom is on the lookout at what's hot when it comes to homebrewed Mega Man paraphernalia.

Quickly, now, someone build an Eddie trashcan. I want one of those!


  1. Quickly, now, someone build a Homebrew Prototype version for MML3!!

  2. Quickly, someone build a giant servbot! I would kill for one....

  3. I think Capcom is trying to compensate for MML3's cancellation with tons of Mega Man goods. If true, it's somewhat bittersweet.

  4. actualy, aside from the yellow meter on it, i actualy prefer this one to the official one by looks alone.

  5. An Eddie trashcan would be used by me every day of my life, LOL.

  6. Just now read this blog post and I agree 100% about trash can Eddie.


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