Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Equipped With Icing

As one might recall, we caught wind of an amazing piece of artwork back in January -- a cake formed in the visage of the Blue Bomber. Not only did it look delicious, it was also just downright awesome in itself. PRC reader Adam just so happened to order the cake over the summer, reluctantly devouring it... but not before taking a few photos, as seen below.

Adam writes, "We asked for it to be made for my friends home coming from a summer away. It was fluffy on the inside and the blaster was yummy rice crispy treat. We did in fact stop and marvel at it for hours and considered freezing it. Reluctantly it was cut the next day. Anyhow the cake whisperer can not come any highly recommended than this cake. We also indulged in that NES cake."

You can order the cake directly from the talented Cathy Campabel, aka The Cake Whisperer. Visit her site here to order! I'm highly considering having this rushed to my place for my b-day next week...


  1. i can hear heatman now...

    "my cakes will burn!"

    /unapologetic youtube poop reference. it. had. to. be. done!

  2. Her site doesn't tell me anything about ordering. D: I couldn't fine the Mega Man cake either. Where do I go to find out about that stuff and pricing?

  3. Tayo: You'll have to contact her directly to place an order. Her contact info is on the site.

  4. That is one Mega-delicious lookin' CAKE! XD

  5. It looks like she has real talent, but whats with his face?!


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