Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finally, A 'Rockman DASH: 5 Islands Great Adventure' Overview

Legends 3 it isn't, but for years, this was the next best thing. At long, long last, we finally have ourselves a detailed look at 2008's Rockman DASH: 5 Islands Great Adventure. Having moved to Japan this summer, The Mega Man Network's Heat Man seized the opportunity to actually play it. In his spare time, he's written a general overview of the game, going so far as to provide the first footage of it in action.

For a mere cell phone game, 5 Island packs in a decent amount of content, surmises Heat. But does that necessarily make it any good?

"In the end I’d say it’s a novel little game, and even has some replayability, especially if you want to grab and max out all the weapons," he writes. "But it’s a very short game, can be very awkward to play, and its content would do little to satisfy even a mild Legends fan for very long. While a nice thought, the game was hardly an answer to the years that passed since Legends 2."

Regardless, you'd be mistaken to not read his full report.  Head on down to the Mega Man Network and educate yourselves! Heat Man will be providing more 5 Island reports in the coming weeks, so do stay tuned for more info and footage.


  1. 3 years is many?

    I guess it is in the land of video games...

  2. Looks terribly awkward.

    And I thought iPhone games were squashed.

  3. Whoa is network down?

  4. Wow. It doesn't look like much, but it's great to FINALLY see some footage of this game.

    As an aside, it actually has better music than I thought it would have.

  5. I've been waiting years for this kind of footage!

  6. This is quite nice. Over the years I've heard a lot about cell phone games exclusive to Japan, but could never find footage. This applies to this game, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Kingdom Hearts: Coded, and Friends of Mana.

    Guess all that's left now is Friends of Mana. Still no footage of that anywhere. :(

  7. Looks simple, but considering it's for mobile phone, it is quite good. Does heat plan to take footage of the stage Denise appears?

  8. Is this only on iOS? Never heard of it ☹️


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