Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Guys and Gals of Rockman Adorn Capcom 2012 Calendar

Capcom's rolling out a pair of new 2012 calendars this month -- Girls 2012 and Heroes 2012. As one might expect, a slew of Rockman characters are set to appear in both calendars. Here are a few noteworthy samples courtesy of Rockman Unity:

Can you spot (and name) all those familiar faces? I, personally, am glad to see DASH 3's Aero thrown into the mix (left image), and that new official art of Sigma is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Is that a stogie? You better believe it is. Stay classy, Sigma.

Fortunately, if you're living overseas, it won't be too difficult to obtain the calendars. Pre-orders are available at number of online import retailers from Hobby Search to Hobby Link Japan. It's only a matter of looking around and finding an outlet that best suits your budget.

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. I love how the first picture is composed entirely of Rockman series females.

    Second picture... If that fight wakes up Chibiterasu, they will all die.

  2. All 3 are great! But...Wow, why include Aero? Just tease us more why don't cha Capcom? Those jerks >_<

  3. SIGMAAAA! Wait... why is he wearing... so... classy??? Hm.

    Call X and Zero! We've found him!!!

  4. As mad as I am at Capcom for dumping all things Rockman... that new artwork of Sigma and Valguarder looks absolutely fantastic. Gen also looks good, albeit strange.

    Also... Page of Rockman girls!!!

  5. That is somewhat confusing to include Aero . . . I mean, this game can't exist in continuity, can it?

    I guess what won't make it to games can always be put into merchandise, eh? Oh well, good to see the game won't just be pushed aside and forgotten, am I right?

  6. Aero... ;_;

    (Nice to see the Gatcha Force fellow again, and that is one awesome Pimpma.)

  7. The girls are so cute! But why is that what would of been Legends 3 girl there? She never daybuted. Stupid money grubbers Capcom, yeah they use the character the fan created and we voted for, they use her for they're plans and profits and give us nothing. F*%# YOU CAPCOM!!!!!
    They also forgot some girls, Serra, Yuna, and Ashe too.

  8. Oh wait there's Ashe! But they forgot Aila! She's like the main girl from the X series! Stupid Capcom, still messing up...

  9. WHAT THe?! wheres alia?!

  10. Girls and Heroes, eh?

    Interesting separation there.

    Hope someone shares all the Rockman pics for those of us who can't get either.

  11. I love how Veluguarder is sitting next to Sigma.

    Even better, he's wearing a bow-tie.

    Bow-ties are cool.

  12. You know... there's something missing here. Now what could it be? Hmmm.....

    Wait, I think I know! There's not a single blue helmet in sight.

    I'm all in favor of a collage of Mega Man female characters, but why are they all drawn in that puke-ugly Mega Man Zero style?

    They should each retain their respective styles, otherwise this looks dangerously like a jerk off calender for moe pervs.

  13. So Capcom, being the dicks that they are, decide to include Aero just to troll us? Smooth.

  14. Very nice. I'll see about importing for sure.

    About Aero, it seems pretty logical to me that this art would have been created earlier in the year, BEFORE Legends 3 was cancelled. So even though it's tormenting, it's not exactly intentional.

    I hate not being able to recognize every single character in some of this art...

  15. @Professor
    The same could be said of all religions.

  16. Why is Kou and G Red there? Hinting to a new gotcha force and then most likely canceling it? Thnks crapcom!

  17. @Professor:

    Your point is..?

    Damn, Sigma. Stay classy.

    Velguadar with the bowtie made me lol though

  18. ""Moe pervs"?"

    Like Konata. I think she is a moe perv.

  19. Good to see Aero, it shows that Legends 3 wasn't forgotten and may be released someday.

    Another sample from the Capcom Heroes Calendar 2012:


  20. I love how there's an unexistant character in the girl´s artwork.

  21. I just realized that Lan pillowed Geo in the face. Lol. And, wow! They really did forget Alia! How'd they manage that..though, if you want to get technical, Cinnamon, Marino, and the chick for Battle & Chase isnt in the picture either...but they aren't really main girls. Other that that, I really want one of these! NO, both of these! WANT!

  22. Aw yeah, go Lan! My boy!

    Freakin' Sigma, man. That class, damn, why'd he have to be a villain...

    Hey look, there's Aer...

  23. Let's see who is who:

    Right: (Girls January / February)
    Roll (MM8 outfit), Roll (original), Eddie, Iris, Ciel, some Cyber-elves, Prairie, Aile, Ashe, Roll Caskett, Tron Bonne & Servbots, Aero and Data, Mayl, Roll.EXE, Mr. Prog, Sonia Strumm, Luna Platz, Hertz.

    Left: (Heroes May / June)
    Lan Hikari, Geo Stelar, original Mega Man (looks like him, but I'm not sure), Chibiterasu, Kuni, Issun, Bao, Baby Head, Kou, Henry, and others I don't known.
    And look at the window, Wily Castle!

    Center: (Heroes November / December)
    Sigma, Velguarder, Dudley, Grandmaster, Leo, Hideo, Gen, Gill, and two others.

  24. lol. How did Dudley got a tea cup while wearing boxing gloves?

  25. Everyone thinks that Capcom are being jerks by including Aero.

    Well what about this? What if the calender's artwork was being done and finalized BEFORE the cancellation, and that they didn't have time to cut her out of the picture, huh?


  26. @Dr Jerk

    It was canceled in July. I am more then sure that this cancellation was planned since July or June, and I'm more then sure that more then a 3 month gap between all that is more then enough to edit out a certain person.


    Yeah, sure, Lets have every single character using their own styles, no matter if they conflict with one another or not! Because the world revolves around you.

  27. So Servbots are girls. That settles that.

  28. /\ Alongside Data, Eddie, Mr. Prog and Hertz. I wonder what Servbot #40's preferences are?

  29. @People talking about Aero:
    How Capcom are being jerks by including Aero? It's sad that the game was cancelled, but it's good to see Aero there as it shows Legends 3 wasn't excluded (by the artist anyway) and it gives support and hope for it being released in the future.
    And fans that haven't heard about MML3 (Capcom didn't promote it much anyway, and some people only learned about it when it was cancelled) and try to figure out who is who in the calendar will eventually learn about it and Get Me Off The Moon / Heaven / Elysium / Asylum (Volnutt is probably mad after passing over 10 years there. XD At least he isn't lonely like the film Cast Away, he is with the mothers "Yuna-Matilda" and "Sera-Yuna")

    Unrelated but similar, Super Smash Bros. Melee mentions a cancelled Pokémon game featuring Meowth that was planned to be released.

  30. @Kips:

    "Yeah, sure, Lets have every single character using their own styles, no matter if they conflict with one another or not! Because the world revolves around you."

    You haven't seen a lot of Capcom art books, have you? There's scores of crossover art featuring Capcom characters and 99% of the time, the characters (huddled together as they are) still look as they would in their respective artworks.

    Only being able to draw in one style, and a very unappealing one at that, is the trademark of a mediocre artist.

  31. @Professor:
    It's not a bad art style. It's cute in the right level, as it doesn't "taste like diabetes", and it's good to see a different style once in a while for variety. So if someone make artwork of the Legend of Zelda CDi games, should they use the original style?

    And there is an awesome picture featuring a "blue helmet" not shown in the three samples here. Another anon posted a link.

  32. @Anon trying to figure out who is who:

    The bald guy to the left in Sigma's illustration is Percival from Knights of the Round.


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