Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kotobukiya Zero Dated; Delicious Box Art Surfaces

At last, we have ourselves a firm release date for Kotobukiya's highly anticipated 1/10 scale Zero model kit. And it's not too far away! According to Koto’s mobile site, the red rocker will hit store shelves in Japan on October 18.

The model kit includes a number of accessories such as a Z-saber, Z-Knuckle, and Buster Gun. He also has two faces, as well as seemingly alternate eye sets allowing him to look off to the side. The icing on the cake, however, has got to be the bad ass box art (pictured), illustrated by none other than the famed Toru Nakayama. Just look at that. Wow. Always a pleasure to see Nakayama pumping out material post-Zero series.

The kit kit will retail for 3,200 Yen (roughly $41.85 US) when it hits. Where to buy? If you're too impatient to wait for the English version, due out by December, then you'll find a number of import retailers primed and ready for your dollar. You can't go wrong Amiami and HLJ, although shipping may sting a bit.

For now, Zero appears to be the last Rockman kit from Kotobukiya. However, you never know. Something entirely new could be in the works right now...

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. I'd like to point out that the yen to US dollar is like 77 yen to $1. As much as I love to get this, the exchange rate sucks. And don't forget the shipping.

    And even now, it looks like Zero doesn't have a neck.

  2. $40+30$ shipping. Nothx

  3. Wow cool box art! Too bad the kit doesn't look like that when you build it, it's going to have a big head and bulky limbs. Not to mention he lacks very much in his weapons.

    And it's funny how people are complaining about the price! lol! Compared to those very hard to find and very limited edition Wonder Festival kits, this kit is very cheap.

  4. I'd love to see Mega Man.EXE and Star Force Mega Man next...

  5. Still holding out for an Iris model.

  6. @first Anon:

    I think you're exaggerating the shipping cost a bit. SAL isn't that expensive. Besides, that's what localization is for.

  7. Definitely going to get this! Might wait for the US release though, because cash is tight. The price isn't too bad (or maybe I'm just getting old? lol). I still need to pick up the D-Arts Zero figure too. As much as I love the MMZ character design, I still prefer the MMX model.

  8. if the kit is half as good as the art is... wow.

    hey! interesting idea! order two! paint one darker than the other, and you'll be able to recreate the Zero vs. Omega battle from MMZ3!

    kinda surprised no one here has mentioned this yet.

  9. @hyliankknightmare

    Some have already mentioned that way back when they announced that Zero was next for Kotobukiya. But yeah you could do that but about his saber? Omega Zero is pink/purple, how are you going to pull that off?

  10. There are various clear types of paints that you could easily use for the saber.

    Might have to use multiple to get the desired color, though.

  11. THE EPIC BOX ART!!!!! Toru Nakayama, I love you. XD

  12. You can also pick em up at a local anime convention i just picked up 2 and they in great condition and they normally got for 40 even at the con


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