Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got Prototype Version Questions? Ask The Only Journalist Who Played It

Had things gone according to plan, you'd be playing Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version RIGHT NOW. But no, Capcom blue balled us (a phrase I don't use lightly). At the end of the day, we're left wondering: what was the game like? Only one man knows.

Meet Nintendo Power's Chris Hoffman. Hoffman just so happens to be the only member of the gaming press who got his hands on Prototype Version, due to spearheading a big MML3 feature in the magazine some months back. His credentials make him the perfect individual for GamesRadar's latest, tantalizing initiative:
"Nintendo Power’s Chris Hoffman happens to be the only journalist to ever play Mega Man Legends 3 before its cancellation, and he also happens to work right down the hall from GamesRadar.
So here’s the deal: Post your questions about Mega Man Legends 3 (the game, not the controversy) in our comment section below and Chris will answer them to the best of his ability in a future article. The Mega Man Legends 3 project may be dead, but with your questions and Chris’s answers, the experience that was Mega Man Legends 3 can live on - in some small form - forever."

This is a grand opportunity, folks. I, for one, won't be passing this one up. Once you've done some pondering and reflection, head on down to GamesRadar and ask away!

Thanks, RockmanX.EXE!


  1. Who cares at this point really we're never going to get to play it so it's sadly just a waste of time to learn more about it.

  2. All right, we get to hassle the Hoff!

    ...you gotta read Nintendo Power to get that joke.

  3. At this point I really do not care either. They need to either released or just removed all traces of it ever existing

  4. legends 3 would have been a hit in the eshop since its lacking great games

  5. I agree with anon, this is just pure torture. Just let it go...Capcom has. Bastards

  6. I also really do not care any more. They do not plan on releasing it and I really think they knew they would not get around to release it. I sorry but they have really been making me mad a lot. They either stop working on games the fans have been asking for years to have or they just do localize some games. I think if they put an add in Nintendo Power for a game they should be forced to release it.

  7. @Anonymous: We could, y'know, ASK him to see if it would have been worth the wait or if maybe it was cancelled for a REASON.

  8. So a canceled game must get all traces of it removed?

    Boy, Sure is butthurt in here.

  9. Fangame initiatives could benefit from this, particularly as far as the story's concerned, but otherwise...

  10. has anyone read the latest nintendo power? is there any mention of it in there? something tells me that with hoffman now in mega fans' sights as the ONLY press agent to have played it, nintendo power will likely have an article of their own soon.

  11. If they didn't require you to log in, I'd have tried to ask something.

    I really want to know whether or not the Prototype Version was any good. :/

  12. @RADIX There's plenty of questions like that already.

    Well, I won't let go Legends 3, but it sure hurts to know more and more about a game we won't be able to play.

  13. This is actually interesting. I wonder if he still has a copy of it or if Capcom took it away after that interview....

  14. Is there anything about the prototype that would give any indication that something about the game itself may have resulted in it's cancellation? Or would it truly be because of other factors possibly already mentioned (not enough visible guaranteed buyers, Inafune's leaving, etc.)?

  15. After watching the significant amount of preview video footage, I can't say I have any questions, really. Here's a few, for those of you who haven't seen:

    Mission 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13waqYSKZAY
    Mission 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVblq9nYNOM
    Mission 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FvVwfGwKEo

    There are more, if you do some looking around ...

  16. Oh


    the fuck


    I know this was to be expected from the Mega Man fandom, but for crying out loud...


    Protodude, you're not helping. You're allowing these butthurtness to continue, which is bad for the fandom's public image.

    If you could, please cease all L3-related news for a long while. It's still too soon. I can't help to think all L3 news ever since it's cancellation is just an attempt to make Capcom notice you and a lot of people want L3 a lot.

    It's never coming back (or at least it won't be until the current Street Fighter period is over).

    It's not coming out. No matter how much you want it, no matter how wrong the reasons why it's not coming out are. Capcom is now all about the most profitable business, as usual. Mega Man is now not the most profitable business. Deal with it.

    Also, why does every person that thinks like me have to shut up? Because they're being realistic? Because they're speaking the truth? You don't want the truth? You like being butthurt? You don't want to get over it?

    U MAD?

    There, I hope you can see the most important reason to let go of this crap: because we're now a troll target. So please, for the sake of keeping this place sane, get over L3's cancellation.

  17. My only question is if it felt unfinished.

    I've seen the game play videos...man I want this game to exist again :(

  18. No Mushashi, U MAD?

  19. 1. What are the missions in the Prototype version, besides defending the town from Reaverbots, defeating the Bonne Mech, and capturing Servbots on a bike?

    2. Is the world free-roam? (Can you enter the ruins whenever you want, etc.)

    3. Are there stores in the game in which you can buy stuff? If there is, what can you buy?

    4. How are the Bright Bats and the Casketts connected?

  20. @Graham: Good questions, but send 'em to GamesRadar. Link is in the post

  21. @MusashiAA: Only one member of the press got to play it and that was Hoffman. I've read that article, he didn't get much time to detail the demo(probly because he didn't want to spoil too much for future buyers) and what was said was the demo was a prequel to the actual game and everything else was known from videos shown.

    And the Legends 3 movement isn't going to die. Get over it. It was merely quieter over the years since Legends 2(Protodude put several hopes on his blog for Legends 3 during that time), but now it's louder because we were that close to having it.

    And think about it like this: If Hoffman says it turned out to be shit or is unsure of how it would have turned out, the movement will essentially die or revert to before it was announced. If he praises it and says it would've easily gotten high reviews, it would spark alot of interest in the gaming community, both gamers and reviewers.

    Hoffman with a single answer could show whether Capcom and the Dev Team was actually trying with this or wasn't.

    So much is riding on this it isn't even funny.

  22. I'm still pretty miffed about this.

  23. @MusashiAA: You are an asshole.

    @Protodude: Please continue posting any L3 news you can find until you're old and grey.

  24. I have to agree with what Musashi is saying here. All this hope is just a huge setup for disaster. We all know deep down that L3 will NEVER be revived. If this fandom can't even let go of a cancelled 3DS game then God help us all.

  25. Everyone who's dissing Protodude for talking about Legends 3 needs to get a life and grow a pair. There is NOTHING wrong with talking about it, and the more negative you get about it the worse the entire fanbase looks.

    If we let it go, we're letting Capcom win. DON'T LET CAPCOM FORGET WHAT THEY DID TO US. If they want to try and sweep it under the rug, all the more reason not to let them.

  26. I personally don't see anything wrong asking Chris what the game was like.

    I mean, I personally love looking at footage and reading info on cancelled games and game betas. So this would be no different to that.

    Learning more about what a cancelled game would have been like =/= Whining that it comes back or whatever.

  27. And now for something completely different:

    The blog just hit freaking 4 million views! Congrats, P-Dude!

  28. So, uh . . . what else do we talk about? Mega Man news isn't exactly all that prevalent nowadays. There's, what, one Mega Man title in development that we know of and it's a Korean exclusive?

    I'd rather get some insight into a canceled game (that I've long since come to terms with as being canceled) than nothing. I'm not seeing the harm of people asking the Hoff-Man what the prototype build was like for decade long anticipated sequel that was canned after a year. Sort of big news, even months later.

    Or, you know, we could talk about Mega Man X4 playing cards and the occasional Udon release.

    Or nothing.

  29. @MusashiAA

    No one is forcing you to come to this page and read the posts if you don't like it you're always welcome to CHANGE THE FUCKING webpage but I'm sure the rest of us would like to hear whatever we can about MML3. People have been waiting 10 years for this game do you logically think that these same people are just going to keep quiet about this cancellation? Even if they never revive it Capcom doesn't deserve the chance to sweep it under the rug as if it never happend.

    Keep the news comin' whether its playing cards or more info about MML3

  30. was this game better than the other legend games?

  31. @ Musashi
    So youre asking the owner of a Megaman Fansite to stop posting Megaman news just because it's Legends?


    If you havent noticed, there is NO megaman of any of the franchises with any sort of news or game release going on right now, and seeing as Legends is the most recent and biggest Megaman topic, you're essentially telling protodude to ignore it's life post cancellation. Even if it's not going to be released, there are still items in it's aftermath that warrant discussion and reporting, and many more questions left to be resolved, so if you can't handle MML news in a MM fansite, seriously there's the X button, close the page and go elsewhere.

  32. Hey MusashiAAA, do us all a favor and shut the hell up.

    Sure a lot of people are upset about Legends 3's cancellzation, but the fanbase is doing their best to stay calm and try to convince Capcom to revive Legends 3.

    I mean, a lot of people waited 10 years for this game and Crapcom just canceled it. I'm starting to think Capcom's an evil company that wants to kill our favorite blue boy to get back at Kenji Inafune for leaving them.

    So no one is asking you to come to this post in this blog, so do us a favor and shut the fricking hell up. -_-

  33. Good to see news from MML3. But the comments here...


    I see many are still bitter with Dr. Capcom. Can't blame them, Capcom did a lot of harm recently.

  34. This is a Rockman news site and therefore I don't see a reason for Proto not to post this stuff if he wants to do it. It's his site, and people have the freedom not to read posts that upset them for whatever reason.

    However, I agree that this game is dead and won't be coming back anytime soon. Maybe one day, but certainly not for a long while.

    It still is interesting to know about what may have been, and who knows: Maybe some dedicated fans or a 3rd party will turn these ideas into something. At the least, if any story stuff is known, it might at least wrap up the saga in people's minds.

  35. WapaneseNameAA: "U MAD?"
    Nice intellectual forfiet, dumbass.

  36. Musashi, your liberal use of the phrases "butthurt," "deal with it" and "U MAD" are doing more harm than help to your position. Ironic that you complain about being a target for trolls, yet you behave no better than one.

    You'll note that it's been more than a month since the official cancellation and we still don't have any more answers than we started with. Even a little closure at this point is welcome.


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