Friday, September 16, 2011

Do You Hear the Fanbase Sing? A Musical Ode To Mega Man Legends 3

The inevitable sequel to Dashe's Waiting For Legends 3 Musical Tribute has arrived! Eleven months later, the fans singing an entirely different tune....

Lyrics in video description here

Dashe writes "The long-anticipated sequel to my favorite video game in the world was abruptly canceled, so I did what all normal people do in that situation and animated a choir spoofing a smash from one of Broadway's most beloved shows of all time."

A lot of hard work went into this, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Oh yeah, the dude on the far right at 1:04? That's me. 

Great work, everyone.


  1. Am I going crazy or was there a Inafune article here a few hours ago?

  2. You mean "that guy on the far right," don't you? Last I checked your hair was shorter than that. :P

  3. This was kinda... eh.

  4. I was wondering why Protodude looked like he was Brian Crecente circa the US Civil War.

  5. Lol, the fellow on the far left at 1:04 is me. Last time I checked anyway. I suppose I was Protodude for a little bit. =P


    LOL, I suppose the jacket does look kinda Navy/General-ish from that era. I suggested giving me "fancy clothing" to Dashe and to check my facebook and profile at X9 and whatnot and she said the result was a cross between Jesus and Nephlite from Sailor Moon. In the end, I have to agree. XD

  6. The infune article was about him wanting to work on MML3 but capcom not letting him

  7. ^
    TMMN and I agreed to pass on that story. It's not new. It dates back to an old interview from November, albeit worded differently.

  8. Cry me a river.

    Where were these bleeding hearts when MegaMan Universe got cancelled?

  9. @ProfessorMegaMan:

    Nobody wanted Universe. Everyone wanted MML3.

  10. @MegaMac I just checked your profile. You look like Jesus. She did what you told her to. I guess it just is weird to me the concept of people having physical bodies. I know they exist and are people, but always as disembodied entities.

    If you want to know what I look like in real life, look at my profile on RPM.

  11. @Professor

    Good question. Where were they? They didn't exist. Which would explain their absence.

  12. WOOT! I finally get to see the finished thing!

    I am so happy to hear myself among that throng.

  13. This was great.

    I'm in there at 1:27; the guy in the purple shirt near the inspector.

  14. @ProfessorMegaMan:

    Hmm. I dunno? Was anyone begging Capcom for Megaman Universe for over 10 years?

    Tell ya what, when it's been 10 since the cancelation of Universe, MAYBE we'll see about making a protest song in its honor, but until then, please kindly drink a big glass of SHUT THE HELL UP.

  15. Gee, I guess you guys have a point. After all, the chances of MegaMan Universe inspiring a slew of pornographic fan art/comics was pretty nonexistent so why would Capcom bother to make it in the first place?

    I think the only difference between the Universe supporters and the Legends fans is that the Universe supporters were among that small faction of MM fans who don't devote their lives to whining on internet forums.

  16. Great song and all guys, but seriously give up.

    MML3 is not going to happen. Not now, nor possibly ever.

    We blew up the internet, begged, pleaded, and threw hissy-fits right at capcom's doors. They are DEAD SET on making Mega Man the new Mickey Mouse.
    There is nothing but merchandise in store for the blue-bomber at this point, oh and re-re-re-re-released games.

    No website is going to change that, just ask the folks at

    The only proper thing to do is never buy a capcom product ever again, yet I guarantee most of you will probably buy all the merch, all the re-re-re-re-released games and Capcom will have learned nothing.

    I don't wanna hear the argument that we still have to support MM so that capcom knows we want him, NOOOOO!! I say that only shows them that they can take advantage of our fandom, then once again our money will be in their pockets, NO!

    Show them we mean business by NOT BUYING ANYTHING with the words CAPCOM labeled on it. No matter how much you want that plush megabuster, no matter how much you want that D-arts Zero figure, and don't go playing "MM:the crappy Gameboy edition" AGAIN for your 3DS.
    Stop buying Street fighter and DmC, throw the thought of playing UMvsC 3 out the window.

    Make Capcom wish they have never fu**ed with Fans of MM!!!!

  17. So cute and great job with the animation. Now to just spread the word...

  18. @ProfessorMegaMan:

    Oh, so now you're trying to imply that Universe should have been released while Legends 3 got axed because it wouldn't have inspired dubious fan-porn that Capcom has nothing to do with?

    Because we all know that the Classic series has NEVER inspired shitty fan-porn. -_-

    Please do us all a favor and get off your fucking high-horse already, you troll.

  19. They say the first to cry troll is the one left without a decent counterargument.

    It's my firm belief that any true MegaMan fan would clamor for a game that actually plays like MegaMan rather than a second-rate imitation of Tomb Raider.

    I also suspect that a lot of Legends fans are really only fans of the characters/story as opposed to the game play. That attitude towards video games sickens me.

    I'd have bought Legends 3, but I'd get more replay value out of Universe. That, to me, makes Universe the better game.

  20. @ProfessorMegaMan

    With that name you have, one would expect you to at least have SOME sense. If you really think the fans like the characters as opposed to game play then you're sadly mistaken. We like the entirety of the series/games. It is a diamond in the rough among stagnant nonsense which is what Universe would have been. A classic style rehash with characters that aren't even from a Mega Man game such as Ryu and Arthur. It is my firm belief that any true Mega Man fan wouldn't be bought into crap like that. If you would have liked Universe, more power to you, but Capcom canned that one with perfectly good reason. Legends 3, the opposite. Also, lulz at comparison to Tomb Raider. XD

  21. ProfessorMegaman and JinzoNingenX, no women will ever deign to marry you. And if you have already tied the knot, may all that's good in the universe help their poor souls.

  22. I really love your songs!

  23. @ProfessorMegaMan:

    Oh that's rich, you trying to claim that none of us has a decent counterargument is some pretty big talk considering that YOU are the one who nonsensically tried to bring up shitty fan-porn as proof of Universe's supposed superiority over Legends 3.

    And to answer one of your earlier claims, no, us Legends fans are NOT simply whining on internet forums,we are TRYING to convince Capcom that canceling Legends 3 was a mistake and that it should be revived as soon as possible.

    As far as I'm concerned, YOU'RE the one who is whining on internet forums because you just can't accept the FACT that more people are upset about Legends 3 getting canceled versus Universe.

    And NO, we don't just care about the story/characters and ignore the gameplay. We care about EVERY aspect of the Legends games. Unlike YOU, who would have lapped up a game that had an unappealing art style, did nothing to advance the plot of the Classic series, featured pointless guest characters, treated MegaMan and Rockman like they're seperate characters, and purportedly had wonky physics that feel very off compared to previous Classic games.

    So, if you would, stop your whining and nonsensical "arguments" that only exist in your head. Please?

  24. Were we really so disgusted with Universe's art style? If so, were we the same people who bought MegaMan Zero games?

    And don't talk to me about a game advancing the series' plot. If plot advancement were a decisive factor in a game's quality, then what does that say about every Mario & Zelda game ever made?

    What else didn't we like about Universe? Ryu? Arthur? Did it ever occur to anyone that the game itself was meant to be an homage to the series itself? Hence the custom character mode, stage builder, the MM1 style MegaMan, and the guest characters. It's fanfare, but apparently they were appealing to the wrong fans.

    And from what I understand, the game was not only the spiritual successor to MegaMan: Powered Up, but like MM 9, it was patterned heavily after MegaMan 2. Tell me that's a bad thing.

    And not to HATE on Legends or anything, but it is the red-headed step child of the MegaMan franchise. It's a bone that Capcom threw to Sony so they'd compromise and actually allow MegaMan 8 on the Playstation.

  25. @ProfessorMegaman: the Megaman 8 thing only aplies to North America, Japan never had a problem with releasing 2D games on the Playstation.

    And yes, I WOULD say that something heavily based off Megaman 2 is a bad thing. It's the most memorable yes, but there are better games in the series, like 3 and 6.

  26. Professor Megaman you need to calm down immediately.

    You are getting all worked up over something that is based purely in opinion, in this case it's in your disfavor.

    You are attempting to attack people personally and insult them and to be quite honest are acting a bit immature.

    Now I won't deny that there were people who wanted Megaman Universe but there are a number of factors that worked to its disfavor in both the creation of the game and the fan-base.
    Here is what worked in its disfavor from the fan base:

    -"Controls and mechanics ... [have] been a common complaint coming from those who played an early build of the game ... Controls have been cited as being unresponsive, stiff, and generally inaccurate when attempting to perform precision-based jumps (1Up, Joystiq). "
    This immediately discourages fans from wanting the game. Yes, while they can be changed and adjusted it DOES influence a fans perception for how the future product will turn out.

    -"Universe's graphics themselves have been met with an equal amount of criticism, often being cited as bland, dull and generally uninspired. Sure, the game is intentionally paying tribute to the 8-bit look and feel of the classic NES games, but … there's something missing. I don't know what it is for sure, but when I look at Universe I get this sense of "emptiness.""
    This is something that I, on a personal level, agreed with. The aesthetics are one of the FIRST things to draw in a player. Very little personality comes through other than being either blank or pissed off. Personally I found it somewhat insulting because it was supposed to imitate 'Western' styled cartoons. All of the characters looked pissed off. I find that makes a negative statement.

    -It was named Megaman Universe, not Rockman Universe. Many people felt that this was distancing the western franchise and the eastern franchise. It is a small thing, don't get me wrong, but it is something that doesn't feel right.

    -The final and biggest factor working to its disfavor was the tsunami and earthquake. The game was not being well received; there had been huge losses financially and emotionally. With no backing from the part of the fans or source for the developers to draw from it was cut.

    I have to break this post, my apologies.

  27. Continued.

    Now as for Megaman Legends 3 you need to get a firmer grasp of WHY more fans wanted it.
    -It was being made with the help of the fans. The fans put their own content that THEY WANTED TO SEE. Of course fans are going to be drawn to a game with stuff that the majority of fans want to see. In other words the fans know what the fans want.

    -The game had backing fans base of 10 years. Universe had no such fan base and was unclear of its purpose from the beginning. Nobody knew whether game was going to be a mixture of other Megaman Games, strictly classic, make-your own game mechanics. Also nobody knew to what extent customization was going to be. Sure people could create characters but to what extent?

    -The gameplay received a good review from one of the extremely few that played it.

    -The graphics were better received and more familiar.

    -There is a plot. Face it or not people DO play games for the plot. You are somewhat of a purist gamer, this is not a bad thing, but it does limit your compatibility with fans. You focus solely on the gameplay while others focus on the plot, gameplay, and graphics (sometimes music). Non-purist gamers have more to draw from and make a connection to. They in general see more of what IS than what COULD be (which I'd imagine is more of what you see).

    -The gamers have been waiting 10 YEARS. You were waiting a grand total of 2. Like it or not that does tend to make people a bit more eager. This is minorly comparable to putting a piece of food in front of someone who is starving then snatching it away just as you're about to get. In your case it is more comparable to putting a piece of food in front of someone decently hungry and then taking it away as soon as you're half way to it.

    I get it, you wanted Megaman Universe and you're upset that more people didn't. But that is just how it is.

  28. Wonderful work, Dashe! I enjoyed your "Waiting for Legends 3 Musical Tribute" and I certainly enjoyed THIS! Glad to see that Protodude and MegaMac were a part of this too!

    Excellent video!!! :)


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