Friday, September 2, 2011

The Legendary TOM-PON Speaks

Naoya Tomita, better known by gamers around the world as TOM-PON, is a treasured staffer at Capcom -- a "living legend", if you will. Tomita's mark on the Rockman franchise dates all the way back to the original Famicom classic, where he worked as a character designer. The man even had a hand in Legends 3!

Some time ago, Rockman Unity's Ucchy-san sat down with the legend himself in a series of video interviews. The seven part series has TOM-PON discussing all things Rockman, revealing a wealth of interesting tidbits and trivia in the process. Not wanting the English speaking audience to miss out on the show, GregaMan has begun translating the series for all to enjoy! This week has yielded three parts with more to come in the near future. Part 1 is above with links to 2 and 3 below. Be sure to hit the closed captioning "CC" button on the player!


  1. Awesome finds as always protodude.

  2. So, no translation for it available? Either way, nice find!

  3. Use the cc button duh.....

  4. @Lightman: Guess I never saw that feature in YouTube...Thanks!

  5. @Part 3: Cutman's orange, and Mega Man turns gray using Rolling Cutter. But the point gets across...

    Also, it was Inafune who stated the choice to use the color blue was due to hardware limitations.


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