Thursday, September 29, 2011

Capcom "May Have Some Mega Man News", Says Killian

2011. A year that will live in infamy. Within the span of four months, we bared witness to the cancellation of two highly anticipated titles -- Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3. The news left a profound wound in our community. Our faith in Capcom, shaken.

It's a gloomy time to be a Mega Man fan. Yeah, you've got some nice t-shirts and keychains coming out soon, but how about those games? Aside from Rockman Online, there's literally nothing substantial on that front right now. However, this situation may change soon enough. Maybe.

At a recent Capcom sponsored Fight Club event, GameZone’s Vito Gesualdi interviewed Capcom's Seth Killian, inquiring about potential characters for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The session eventually culminated in whether or not Capcom could “finally get Mega Man off the moon by including him in the popular fighting game." Clearly, a reference to the stranded Mega Man Volnutt.

A solemn Seth replied, “We tried. It didn’t work out.”

Now, is that a remark directed towards Mega Man's failed UMvC inclusion, or a reference to Legends 3's cancellation? Seth elaborated: “We have eaten a giant plate of unhappiness on this one,” adding that “Mega Man is very, very close to my heart.”

Like a heated bout right out of Ace Attorney, Vito pressed Seth to say something about Mega Man's future. He succeed. “Hang in there, we may have some Mega Man news….Maybe”.

And that was that. “You could just tell the whole Mega Man thing was eating away at him, and he wanted to share something,” added GameZone. You have to feel bad for Seth. He's been an active, and integral part of Mega Man's life for the last few years. He wants to say something to us -- wants to assure us, but he can't. He has to stay mum.

What can we take from this conversation? Capcom is, clearly, considering what to do with Mega Man from here. They aren't just sitting on the IP; that we can be certain of. However, it sounds to me like they are moving forward with caution. The last thing we need, right now, is another game to be announced before its even green-lit, and then watch it be cancelled.

It's in Capcom's hands now. All we can do is continue to voice our support, and hope for the best.

Source: GameZone


  1. I really like Seth Killian. He's always so cool and candid in interviews, and I get the impression that other Capcom USA staff (Gregaman, Snow, etc) are friendly and genuinely passionate about the games we love. It seems to me that they are unfortunately bound by the higher ups on the executive side of the company. I can understand how that would be frustrating, especially since many fans won't see this disconnect, and immediately blame "all of Capcom" for these perceived injustices. We need to see that a company is not just a single entity, it is made up of many people, and for some of them, it is purely a business.

    As a longtime Mega Man fan since the 80s, I sincerely hope something new comes for the franchise, and not just another retro-throwback download (though I did love those too). I'm still collecting everything Mega Man well into adulthood, but I can realize that the games have not sold as well as in the past. I absolutely loved Mega Man X8, Command Mission, Maverick Hunter X, Powered Up, and ZX/ZXA, but I can admit that Mega Man, as a mascot and a franchise, doesn't have the same soft power that a brand like Mario or Sonic has now. My hope is that Capcom can do something that will both please the fans and shift a new a paradigm for the series.

  2. If Capcom would actually advertise the franchise when they release stuff like all the other companies do they would definitely get better sales and better the franchise income as a whole....

    Just saying...

  3. Keep your chin up, Seth Kilian. The Mega Man community is right behind you.

  4. I really wish that interviewer had asked about Mega Man Legends news. Mega Man news and Mega Man Legends news are not the same thing. I can't say I'd care much about whatever's coming unless it were Legends-related. Capcom owes Legends fans a HUGE apology, and it's not going to be very successful if they do it by releasing a non-Legends title.

  5. Is it bad my first thought was "Legends for PS3/360, suck it doubting fanboys"? A long shot, but I would point and laugh considerably if it were the case. :P

  6. Still skeptical. He's the guy who said there was a big secret hidden in MM9, right?

  7. For all we know MMX9 has been cancelled 3 times in the last few years. The only reason we're not in a rage about it is because there was no devroom or visibility to the effort.

    While I always appreciate the optimistic take - and the MM fan community can be childish and overly negative most of the time - we logically have no choice but to be patient. What Seth sees right now may not come to fruition either. We just have to wait.

  8. Oh god, please... please. Please. Anything good... anything.

    I feel so bad for Seth and the other Capcom of America guys. None of these Mega Man-related game cancellations, character denials, or PR disasters are their fault, but they're taking the brunt of the heat.

  9. Never trust the word "Maybe".

  10. Right now I'd be happy to hear anything that isn't open or backhanded disrespect at Mega Man or the fans. Even if it's just making good on the Devroom's promises of openness, and the more direct one to reveal why the game was canned.

  11. I would imagine, given the context of the conversation, he was referring to UMvC 3.

  12. Well, guess we'll have to wait a lil longer. Megaman's 24'th anniversary perhaps?

  13. Need I remind you he told us to be "the opposite of worried" when Mega Man Universe went silent? Or that he said everything was fine before Legends 3 bit the dust?

    Basic pattern recognition would tell you his word is simply not reliable.

  14. ^
    welcome to the game industry, where plans change over night.

    Also, anon, Seth NEVER said those things. Like, at all. Capcom refused to comment on Legends 3. It was Sven who said Universe was alive some months before it was canceled

  15. As long as its not another 8bit game or a re-release.

  16. Well I'm not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking from Capcom. Maybe they can turn this around and bring the Blue Bomber back full force.

  17. Seth has, And always has been an inspiration to me. When you see a bussinessman's name, you more then likely think 'hes a sellout' or 'he doesnt really care about what hes doing'. Yet Seth? Seth cares more then any of us could, and so does Gregaman and everyone else in Capcom USA. These are the guys who dont want to sell the games purely for money, they want to sell it for when we buy the game, and we're all pissing our pants with excitement.

    Keep on trucking Seth.

  18. something seems off here. like an anon said, this IS the guy that gave us the mega man 9 "secret", which spilled over to mega man 10 as well. they're either toying with the fans, or something. it makes me wonder. either something's coming, or maybe they're just going to sell the franchise? maybe license all future mega man games to be made by third parties? this is capcom. kings of "get rich easy".

    and no. thanks to seth's possible lying about mm9, and the fact that he works for a company like capcom, i don't trust, nor feel bad for him.

  19. ^

    How ignorant.
    Hey, guess what? Seth isn't th eonly one perpetuating the rumor. There's also Sven, Jgonzo, and, oh wait, even Keiji Inafune yes.

    Yes, because all four men want to troll us.


  20. @ last anon

    kiss my %^&*.

    i've got my oppinion, and all rights to it. you don't know i'm wrong. you don't know they're right. this could be nothing, it could be something. besides, how do you know the whole mega man 9 secret wasn't a ploy from capcom to get people to keep playing the game? why else would they do that with mm10? seth is a man that loves video games. he's also a man that knows this economy sucks, and to have ANY job, he's lucky. but he doesn't have just any job. he works for a video game company. now, if you were told to lie for your company, in an economy like this, would you? or would you stay true to your "loyal" fans, who won't pay your bills?

  21. "Our faith in Capcom shaken."

    Broken is more like it. Especially with their reasons for cancellation of L3. They completely SHATTERED my faith.

  22. Please be MML3: PV. Please be MML3: PV. Please be MML3: PV. Please be MML3: PV. Please be MML3: PV. Please be MML3: PV. Please be MML3: PV.


  23. Don't care if they announce news. Whatever they promote will be canceled anyway.

  24. Ughh I hate these false hopes and maybe talks.I wonder what did he achieve by teasing the fans without some sort of evidence.Sorry guys.I just can't seem to trust the even messengers because no matter how trusty at the end they tell what they are told to

    I am tired getting my hopes up with every interview with one of them
    -Megaman is still an important brand for us
    -Did you see guys?I knew they love the blue bomber
    -Legends 3 has slim chances of release
    -Oh We have a slim chance yayyy
    -There MAYBE more megaman in the future
    -Hurray they still remember megaman

    Ugh Call me when they are done mocking us

  25. Seth rocks. He's been heavily involved in the fighting game scene for aeons (pretty sure it was even before he joined Capcom).

    Also, LOL @ Anon vs Anon arguments.

  26. I dont know about anyone else, but I'm not going to bother getting my hopes up. They're just bound to set people up for disappointment, like always. Even if they do pull through with another Mega Man game, they're only bound to cancel it midway through development, like they've done with both Legends 3 and (that piece of crap) Universe.

  27. "Hey guys! Guess what? We're releasing MORE Mega Man merchandise! Isn't that GREAT news? ...Huh? Oh sorry, no games".

  28. Capcom is full of excuses. They could adapt Arthur, MODOK, Rocket Raccoon, Sentinel, Frank West, Phoenix Wright and they say that Megaman/X/Volnutt didn't worked out? Ah! Come on!!
    Try another excuse Capcom!

  29. If "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas

  30. Personally, I blame Capcom Japan, Capcom USA is doing perfectly fine, especially with people like Seth on board, it's Capcom of JAPAN that's the main problem here.

    Speaking of "another game", there's a rumor floating around saying that Capcom is currently making Mega Man Battle Network 7, and while I am a big fan of the Battle Network games, I really worry about this rumor...

  31. Is it just me, or are my comments not getting approval anymore?

    Well, it's not like it's worth it anymore.

  32. Maybe...? MAYBE??!?

    Don't listen to Seth's lies!

    Well, at least, he gave us a little news about Mega Man. Curse you, Seth!

  33. "Maybe"? ಠ_ಠ

    Oh well. We'll just have to wait and see.

  34. Just like a lot of other fans, my trust in Capcom regarding the MM franchise is pretty slim at the moment. However, I think there are waaayyyyy too many "if they make a new mega man game they'll just cancel it midway through" comments. It's starting to get a little out of hand.

  35. Hahaha, ''Maybe''. That's great. Maybe if my mother had a sausage I'd have two fathers.

    Maybe if Capcom gave a shit about Megaman, we'd have Legends 3.

  36. Knowing Capcom... they'll announce a brand new MegaMan spin off, even more Pokemon-esque than Battle Network and Star Force. And it'll be a Vita exclusive.

  37. I been keeping quiet about this for awhile, but here it is.

    I think the reason two MegaMan games were canceled is because Capccom is greedy and evil andd they think MegaMan is unpopular in the world. So bascially, Street Fighter is all the rage now in Capcom.

    Let's face it. MegaMan will never be seen again thanks to Street Fighter, Capcom and those still loyal to Caapcom and Street Fighter. Cause I think I know that case everytime I logged into my PSN and PSStore, I see Street Fighter 3rd Strike at the front page. Everyone loves Street Fighter now. Until the SF dies down or Cappcm gets new and reansonable higher ups, MegaMan will never see the light of day. Go ahead and flame me if you dare, but you have to admit that I'm right.

  38. You know, at this point, I don't care too much so long as it's a game that actually continues to evolve the series - none of this MM9/10 regression stuff.

    I'm fine if it's Robotics or Network timeline. Just... something... anything.

    Just please god don't let this be that TV show they're talking about... Having a show alongside a game is one thing, but cancelling games and throwing a TV show in there is nothing but a slap in the face to me.


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