Monday, September 26, 2011

Mega Man Kubricks Discounted At Capcom Store

Just a friendly heads up for those of you who would like to own your very own LEGO-ish version of Mega Man and his bro Proto. Over on Capcom Unity, they’ve announced a fall blowout sale promotion. Applicable to a number of products, you'll find a particularly tantalizing deal on the English versions of Kubrick Mega Man and Proto Man, as well as their 1Up Be@rbrick counterparts.

Originally $30 a pop, Capom has discounted both the Mega Man and Proto Man sets down to a cool $20.97. Considering the little guys can fetch anywhere from $40 to $60 on the secondhand market, this is quite an offer.

Stock, as per usual, is limited. Approximately 500 pieces were produced solely for the Capcom Store, give or take. Once they're gone, they're gone! The fall blowout sale runs from now until Sunday, October 2nd. A little ways away, but you may want to act quickly before they sell out.

Make haste and grab your Zenny -- the Capcom Store awaits!


  1. They've been 20$ at amazon for years.

  2. I feel bad for anyone who thinks paying $20+ for knock-off Legos is a good idea, just because it has Megaman slapped on it.

    On another note, the sale has a pretty nice SSF4 AE shirt I might pick up, if they accept PayPal. (The Dark Hadou shirt, to be exact, because Evil Ryu = win, and only Evil Ryu)

    Also, anyone but me notice that the Kubricks are the only Megaman stuff on the sale? For fuck's sake, you'd think they'd at least put the DSi Star Force protective case stuff for cheaper, too.

  3. don't get these. they'll "brick" anything they touch.

    yes, i typed that with a straight face.

  4. Sorry anons, but these are some of the best MM merch out there.

    You'd be stupid to pass thes eup.

  5. Best Mega Man merch out there? Really? Better than the Koto's or the new D-arts? THOSE are the best merch our there.

  6. Wow, really? Some of the best MM merchandise? You have to be trolling, I can't believe someone seriously thinks that, even if they do like these things.

  7. Yeah, I got these a while back. They're alright.

    I was honestly hoping for more of the Capcom brand name merchandise to go on sale. I really want those shirts. Although with things the way they are now, I might get mugged for wearing them...


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