Thursday, September 8, 2011

Your Legends 3: Prototype Version Questions Answered

Nintendo Power's Chris Hoffman has returned with answers to your Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version questions. Hoffman reveals quite a few new details about the game, helping to paint a better picture what Prototype might have been like. You can read Hoffman's detailed report at GamesRadar. For completion's sake, I've provided a summary of the report below. Read at your own discretion; the details are rage worthy!

Controls: Prototype Version provided three control schemes to choose from. "The default control setup allowed you to move with the Circle Pad, adjust the camera with the Control Pad, and shoot with the R Button. As for the face buttons, A = melee attack, B = jump, X = special weapon, and Y = dash. However, if you preferred things the old-fashioned way, you can choose control setups that were more similar to Mega Man Legends or Mega Man Legends 2, including the option to rotate the camera with L and R."

Playable Characters: Barrett was the only playable character in Prototype Version.

Introductory Mission: Teomo City is under siege by a barrage of Reaverbots. Players are tasked with evacuating the island and eradicating the Reaverbot threat. The following missions "were all told as flashbacks, and the last mission brought things full circle and added some context for that Reaverbot attack."

Barrett/Barrel Caskett Connection: Hoffman confirms the presence of a mysterious connection between Barrett and Barrel, a plot point previously hinted by Capcom. Specifics were not divulged.

Most interesting Part of the Game (Opinion): Hoffman was intrigued by Barrett's character and the tension between Aero and her father, police chief of Teomo City. Further, he got a kick out of the name of the rival biker gang, "The Roast Beefs."

What Score Would You Give Prototype Version? Had Hoffman reviewed Prototype Version for Nintendo Power, he'd give it a satisfactory 'Recommended.' "There would have been a lot of content for two bucks, and Mega Man fans would have flipped out at finally getting a new Legends game in any form. If I were to assume all the gameplay contained in the Prototype Version was indicative of the final product, I’d say it would have been on its way to getting something in the 7.0 to 8.0 range."

Method of Transportation: Jet Skates were not available in Prototype Version, but Barrett did have a built-in dash ability. Barret's hover bike was accessible during a good portion of the game.

Did Mega Man Get Off the Moon? Nope. Volnutt is still stuck on the moon during the events of Prototype.

Can You 'Kick'? Yes! When not equipped with a special weapon, the X button would make Barrett kick.

Voice Acting: Prototype contained a large amount of voiced dialog. "Tiesel sounded like a different actor, but he was still pretty over-the-top zany. I can say one thing for sure: all of the voice acting was infinitely better than the narrator from Mega Man Legends 1!"

Gameplay Feel: In spite of having different controls, Prototype played and "felt" a lot like the old Mega Man Legends games. Controls felt a little stiff at times, but the experience was authentic.

Playtime: Hoffman played roughly three hours. He was surprised at how much content was packed into the game. Not only was it chock full of missions, but once you beat everything, "you could simply explore the environments and talk with NPCs, or you could go to the debug room to see even more behind-the-scenes stuff."

The Debug Room: Hoffman did have a chance to play with the debug room, though not as much as he would have liked. "I fiddled around with some parameters (attack range, movement speed), and I reduced gravity so I launched myself to ridiculous heights. I also earned a password (EMHOR) that I think was supposed to unlock something cool, but I never got to see what it did."

Devroom Content: In terms of content created by Devroom users, Prototype Version included the Donner Wels mech battle. Hoffman does not recall if the winning NPC lines made it in or not.

NPC/World Interaction: The game was rife with NPCs to talk to, and things to buy. Stores and shops were stationed outside. "I think I bought some ramen and some bread (made from Kattelox Wheat, no less!), but I don’t recall if I could use it for anything. Many of the missions allowed you to talk to NPCs as well."

THE MISSIONS: Prototype boasted 10 playable missions..
  • Trouble In Paradise: This is the opening mission, in which you battle Reaverbots in Teomo City.
  •  Barrett & Friends: This is primarily the introductory story. It tells players about Teomo City, Diggers, and the concept of Rebel Rider youth gangs. It also introduces Barrett and his friends Max, Aero, Pic, and Grille, who comprise the Bright Bats gang. According to the game, Rebel Riders allegedly have “no regards for society’s rules,” but they seemed pretty benign to me.
  • Late-Night Race: This is a hoverbike racing contest through the Teomo City streets.
  • One Bullheaded Rival: A boss battle against a rival gang leader named Bullbreath, the leader of the Roast Beefs. It was on the easy side. 
  • Take Me Somewhere - Barrett the Chauffer: In this one you have to drive Aero around to various locations, including the park and a place called the “Gate of Frontiers.” Not that it’s important, but I enjoyed the food truck called “Oh My Gyros” in the park.  
  • Operation Anti-Riders: Fed up with Rebel Rider gangs, the chief of police Gonzo Goodwin attacks the Bright Bats with a mech/vehicle called the Anti Rider Crusader 1. Apparently Roll built the vehicle.
  • Rocket R&D Fundraising: This mission especially like classic Legends games. You venture into some ruins to get a refractor for Roll. She needs it so she can build a rocket to bring Mega Man home from Elysium.
  • Yes, Miss Tron: You have to retrieve Tron’s missing Servbots within a time limit. 

    What’s in the Box?: This is another ruins-exploration mission. At the end, you learn about a treasure called the Klicke Lafonica, which seemed like it was going to be a major plot point.
  • Bonne Family Showdown: This is the battle against the fan-created Donner Wels mech. It was pretty challenging; I got electrocuted the first time I tried it.

Tron Bonne: Tron still hasn't come to terms with her feelings for Mega Man Volnutt.

Elder System Reference: Hoo-boy; this is neat. Apparently, the Reaverbot attack on Teomo City was a result the system becoming active, but it the game never specified if that was the case exactly. The Elder System was a plot point established in the final moments of Legends 2.

Best Part of the Game (Opinion): Boss battles. The Donner Wels and on-rail Roll fight, in particular, were really polished.

Flaws/Glitches/Bugs: Motorhorse racing mission, Late-Night Race missions weren't very fun, lacking polish.

Prototype Version Plot: "Prototype Version primarily focused on Barrett and the Bright Bats without any clear plot, but it appears that the final game would have involved a three-way scramble to find the Klicke Lafonica (“The Fire of All Creation”) between Mega Man and co., Barrett and the Bright Bats, and the Bonnes."

Where Is Barrell? "I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Barrett is a contraction of BARRell CaskETT. Obviously, both characters have metal plates on their faces, and when Roll encounters Barrett, she says he “seems like family.” Also, Barrell doesn’t appear in the Prototype Version; Roll states he’s been missing for a week or two. One guess would be that Barrett is a younger version of Barrell, but Barrett seems like he’s been living in Teomo City and hanging out with the Bright Bats for a lot more than a couple weeks. I would have loved to have found out the real story."

How Far Along Was Legends 3/Prototype Version's Development? Hoffman notes that while Legends 3 itself was a long ways off, Prototype Version "seemed ready to go."

Hoffman's Opinion On Prototype Cancellation: "...the thing I find strange is that the Prototype Version was, for all intents and purposes, finished, but not released. If it were up to me, I would have wanted to make it available to at least get some sort of return on the investment that had been made so far, and to allow the contributors to see their creations come to life, and to judge what consumer interest was in the project as a whole. Then again, maybe it would have been even more heartbreaking to get the Prototype Version but not a full game."

Player Accessibility: "Initially telling the story from Barrett’s perspective, I think, was a good way to introduce the story to newcomers without the need to immediately pile on the complex baggage that comes with Mega Man Legends 1 and 2. Meanwhile, I think veterans would have enjoyed trying to unravel some of the mysteries.

3D Display: Hoffman wasn't particularly blown away by the game's optional 3D presentation, but he did like the added sense of depth.

Are We Missing Out On Something Special? Anyone who enjoyed the previous Legends games would no doubt eat up Prototype Version. It wasn't AAA quality, but it was enjoyable. Chris is disappointed it didn't release.

Weapon/Item Crafting: No system of any sort was in the game.

Mega Man Volnutt: Volnutt, himself, was not in the game. "I asked the game’s producer about this, and he stated that Mega Man was meant to be playable in the final game. Also, the Prototype Version was broken into two distinct chunks--a list of missions and a free-form debug mode--and the Capcom folks strongly hinted that there was a way to play as Mega Man in the debug mode, although I didn’t get a chance to do so."

Data: Data was in the game, hanging out with Roll. Hoffman could not recall if the little guy was animated...

Ending/Cliffhanger: "Not a cliffhanger, per se, but it set up quite a bit (mostly in regards to the Klicke Lafonica) and left a lot of unanswered questions (primarily concerning Barrett and the missing-in-action Mega Man) that hopefully would have been resolved in the full game."

Capcom's Effort: "There was a lot missing and unfinished, but that was kind of the point--to give players a behind-the-scenes look at a work-in-progress game. In places where there would have been full-blown cut-scenes, there were rough animatic sketches explaining what would happen, and there were notes explaining how boss battles would be more elaborate in the final game. Also, parts of the city were clearly unfinished by design. Instead of fully rendered buildings, some parts of the city had buildings that looked like 2D billboards or movie backdrops. But they were intentionally built to look that way, complete with beams propping the backdrops up, as if to say “this is still under construction.” It seemed like a labor of love, and that the team at Capcom was putting a lot into the project."

Mission Select: Missions were selectable from a menu, but Hoffman assumes the act would have been more opened in the final a la Grand Theft Auto.

The Bonne Family: "The Bonnes only appeared in a couple missions, but their presence in the “Bonne Family Showdown” mission is pretty significant, given that it was one of the most fun and challenging missions in the Prototype Version."


  1. Reading this Makes me want it more!

  2. Damn, now that's really disappointing. It sounded like this Proto-Type version would have been a blast to play. Stupid Capcom...

  3. I hate you, Capcom!

  4. God dammit. I was almost hoping he would say it was a mess and well worth canceling, but somehow I knew that wouldn't be the case.

    Now I'm even more depressed about it. "Wasn't up to our quality standards" my ass. Yet sub-30 FPS DmC, "pay $60 to play the same game as a different character" Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and "give us $60 for characters and content that should have been in the game you gave us $60 for seven months ago" Ultimate MvC 3 are?

    Fuck you, Capcom. Fuck you hard. At least your games anywhere near aren't worth buying anymore. I won't be giving you any more of my money in the wake of how you've murdered Mega Man like this.

  5. Capcom of Japan: Making grown men cry since 2011. >_<

  6. @Ash

    Not Capcom's fault people are dumb enough to buy that junk and ignore interesting releases.

  7. lol @ people who aren't in the fighting game scene trying to criticize something they don't understand one single bit

    lol @ people who can't even read and think that Off the Record is the same game as DR2 when it's been said repeatedly that the only similarity is that it's the same city and basic scenario

    lol @ people who are so blinded by their nerd rage they'll just make up any old crap to try to discredit Capcom now

    A shame this didn't see the light of day, sounded like it would have been great.

  8. It looks like a great game. I don't understand why it was cancelled (as Capcom didn't explain the reason). Maybe they felt it didn't meet their "bad enough criteria" like recent games? I hope Capcom (specially Capcom of Japan) is bugged about MML3 in all future interviews until they answer it properly (without vague and nonsensical excuses) or continue the game's production!

  9. @Ash

    Yeah! Fuck you Capcom! For making games people will buy. Which is in no way a fault of the consumers who choose to show more support for the "bad" games you don't like instead of buying the games you want Capcom to make.

  10. So, what criteria did MML3/Prototype Version not meet, again?

    The chances of CoJ having a valid reason for canning the game(s) are looking even worse.

  11. Da*n it! They should release it! It was finished! It would stand it's own for Capcom to have a little more money than nothing AND may have showed them how much we want the game.

  12. For the love of...

    At the very least give us the Prototype Capcom, it's the very least you can do after crushing our hopes after 10 years.

  13. I almost cried until I turned on some rage music.

    There was no reason for them to cancel it. I would much rather have a $2.00 demo then nothing.

  14. It is indeed rage worthy. It really is a terrible shame it wasn't released to gauge interest in the game. The guy is right though Capcom should have at least released this to get some kind of return of investment even if they did cancel the game in the end.

  15. The only thing I can think of is in play testing they found some seriously damaging bug, like the kind that causes memory leaks or something. i.e. messes up the 3DS itself and forced them to delay it to fix it but then just gave up.

    It's not unprecedented Super Smash Bros. Brawl was delayed three months close to its original release over something like it.

  16. Say what you want about it making sense for Capcom to make games that sell, but there's absolutely no proof that this game would have bombed. Over the years, I would argue that the game's actually developed a much larger following, so I'd bet that the game would have sold relatively well.

    I have no proof of this of course, but the whole fucking point of the prototype was to gauge interest, and they kind of cancelled that, sooooo...yeah. I don't understand. Especially if the damn thing was basically completed. Boggles my mind.

  17. There's no such thing as a good game, nor is there a bad game. People say Mario is a good game. I despise it, and think its a bad game. To say that DR2:Off the Record is a 'bad game' and this would have been one of 'capcoms best games yet' is clearly not the case. I would have loved for this to come out, and I still want to see it come out, but for fucks sake guys. UMvC3 will be fun in my opinion. Am I shallow and will buy a game that is 'purely an add-on'? No. No I am not. Why? Because its a good game. However to some of you it is a bad game, and I am an idiot for buying a game that I believe I will like, which is clearly not the case for you all.

    Seriously, dont go calling every part of Capcom's fanbase an idiot because they arent Megaman fans. Hell, I love nintendo, just hate mario. Does that make me an idiot?

  18. "Hoffman notes that while Legends 3 itself was a long ways off, but Prototype Version "seemed ready to go.""


    Oh the fuck well. I wonder how the Halcyon Days fangame project is currently doing...

  19. "... Prototype seemed ready to go".


    What. The. Freak.

    Capcom, I will never support you ever again. (For non-Mega Man stuff). They will never see a dime from me.


  20. too bad this had to be on the 3ds, of which the sales were going down the crapper until the recent price cut.

  21. Damn it, man. It's just not fair. The prototype was finished, WHY didn't they release it? This is one of the greatest injustices in video game history. Capcom, you maniacs. Why are you treating us this way?

  22. Wow. I've never even touched a Mega Man Legends game but... this sounded so cool.

    Why are you being so mean, Capcom?

  23. I'm... i cant find a word to describe my feelings. this just made my resolve stengthen. bleedy hell capcom. I want this game really, really, really badly now.
    I shedded a manly tear.

  24. @Kips:
    There is one:'t_Buy_This
    And I heard it sold well.

  25. I don't think the problem was so much with the game as the system.
    It was a poor decision to make Legends 3 for the 3DS, which is, as far as I can tell, not selling very well.
    By default, the game will not sell well because there are not enough people who own the system the game is for.
    Aside from the 3D feature, the 3DS is a glorified DSi, and with so few really good, quality games specifically for the 3DS, I imagine DSi owners find little reason to "trade up."

    Having said that, I imagine Legends 3 might have been a good incentive for people to buy the 3DS. Had Capcom waited a bit, they could've released the game around the time of the holiday rush.

    In short, I believe this whole fiasco is the result of a lack of foresight. And that is a darn shame.

  26. @kips

    No, it just makes you weird.

    If you want to get ripped off by
    Capcom because they're giving you a handful of new content (that SHOULD have been DLC in the first place) for the price of a whole new game, be my guest.

    You aren't an idiot (At least I have no concrete proof that you are.) you're just way too lax in your standards for a good game.

  27. all I have to say is release the god damn thing so you can get a return on your investment dumb asses especially if the bloody thing is practically done.

  28. Well, this is just tragic.

    I'd been thinking about that reddit post and wondering if it was true that the whole project was killed due to a super low-quality prototype:

    But from this interview, it really doesn't sound like it.

  29. My heart hurts over this game's cancellation even more now.....

  30. @Ash & Cyberguy
    ...didn't realize that $40 is the same as $60, since both UMvC3 and DR2: Off the Record are only 40... which is cheaper, by the way, than buying each of the characters they are adding (12 * 4.99 being $59.88 and all). Plus, I'll take something physical over downloaded content any day of the week, because ten years from now, I'll still be able to play it in any PS3/360, regardless of whether or not PSN/XBL exists.

  31. @cccd-erckie
    I'm sorry, but what you say about the 3ds is laughable. There was more than just the 3d, but it nobody seems to notice. There was a great improvement over quality, as the graphics are at least as good as the gamecube's and there are much smoother controls with the addition of the circle pad. You compare it to the DSi, an amusing statement considering that the only big improvement that had was a few good downloadable games and a camera.

    In all other cases, I agree. But with this price cut, I'm expecting a good amount of third-party support to pop up. And just as the game does not succeed without the system's success, the system's success depends on the popularity of games for it.

  32. If one of the reasons for the cancellation was of the 3DS's sales, then I really hoped that Capcom would have at least waited long enough for the price drop and THEN make whatever considerations they would want to make.

    I've been hearing that ever since the price drop, sales of the 3DS are much, much higher now, and for good reason. *Sigh* Sadly, that won't be enough to make Capcom to reconsider of cancelling this.

  33. Can we flood Capcom's e-mail now? I think everyone's letter should start start off with a link to the interview, the quote about the demo being done for all intents and purposes, and close with, "We want the demo!"

  34. @Dr. Jerk
    You're saying that as if the 3DS is the only console/handheld in existance...

  35. @ Darrien

    Thanks for bringing up those points. Every time I hear people whine about UMVC3, those are my key points.

  36. @Model M: I am not saying that the 3DS is the only handheld in existence. It was Capcom's initial choice for the handheld, and one that I wasn't going to complain about.

    I'm just saying, that because of the price drop and because sales of the 3DS have been increasing, it could have been enough to make Capcom wonder if what they were investing into was worth it. And with the increased sales of the 3DS, could have also meant increased sales of the Prototype version as well.

    But ultimately, I think they would have ended up cancelling Legends 3 REGARDLESS of what handheld or console it would be for. Sad as it is.

  37. From the sounds of it, it would have been awesome, but thanks to Crapcom, I will never buy another product from them again!

  38. this only makes the stinging worse... in the same way watching the ending of megaman legends 2 does.

    capcom is nothing more than the typical aging corporation, conservative, all about profit, and unwilling to take risks that could pay-off big.


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