Wednesday, September 7, 2011

PSA: Mega Man Trade Paperback On Sale Today

Need to play catch up with Archie's Mega Man in a hurry? Then grab your Zenny and head down to your local comic book store -- the first trade paperback goes on sale today!

"MEGA MAN - VOLUME ONE "LET THE GAMES BEGIN." MEGA MAN is the hit new action-adventure series from Archie Comics! Dr. Light wanted to build a better tomorrow with his new Robot Masters, but the evil Dr. Wily reprogrammed them to take over the world! Now it's up to one little robot to save us all - MEGA MAN! Don't miss the first heroic adventures of Rock, a simple helper robot who takes up the fight for the greater good! This volume contains Rock's transformation into Mega Man, his first battles with the famous Robot Masters, and his titanic clash with Dr. Wily! MEGA MAN VOL. 1 collects MEGA MAN #1-4 plus variant covers, exclusive sketches and special features!"

Trade paperbacks are not only an excellent method to catch up on a serial quickly, but they also provide fans outside the U.S a chance to get in on the action. For those folks, you'll find a number of online outlets ready and willing to ship the book to your location. As of this writing, some of the bigger, more popular online retailers have yet to stock/ship the book. I assume their respective supplies are forthcoming, so do try to stay patient. Twiddle your thumbs in the meantime!

It's needless to say, but this isn't the last TBP from Archie. Volume Two is already on the burner, scheduled for release in March 2012. The second omnibus will chronicle the Time Keeps Slipping story arc in its entirety (issues 5-8) with additional goodies anticipated.


  1. Yep, got mine reserved, all the way across the pond in AU.

  2. I still don't quite see the point of redrawing Roll in her pre-MM8 design if Rush is still in the picture.

  3. Wow so this includes the villain variant covers! Take my money now!

  4. Glad to see the cover looks more flowing and cleaner. Though Roll STILL looks Photoshopped. But otherwise, I'll get this, if the Philippines picks it up on retail. :D

  5. Does anyone know if the size of this thing is going to be the same as the Sonic Archives? Really sucks if it is :/

    And I didn't even notice the different Roll until you guys mentioned it, but it does look pretty bad, lol


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