Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zero Manga Too?

Udon Entertainment is showing off some major love for Mega Man recently. With plans to release the Complete Works art books and Megamix and ZX series manga in the US, these guys are really shaping up to be fans' new best friends. Can it get any better? If you're a fan of Hideto Kajima's Rockman Zero manga, then yes, it can.

The September issue of Nintendo Power brings word that Udon might be planning on publishing the Mega Man Zero manga in North America:

"Udon is also planning to bring Mega Man manga to North America, focusing on the original Mega Man series and Mega Man Zero, though release dates haven't been determined." (p.11)

I'm a little iffy on this due to the fact that the blurb didn't mention Udon's ZX manga plans. Is it possible NP meant to say ZX manga instead of Zero?


  1. Only the Zero 1 adaptation was worth it a little bit, because of "Rockman Zero"'s general badassery. afterwords, it went straight down the crapper.

  2. The Zero manga was so bad, I'm not looking forward to it's release.

  3. I was kind of guessing NP meant the ZX series. They've kinda gone down the crapper since Future US took over their publication.

  4. Well if the Zero manga is released, then all that would be left is X, right?

  5. I prefer ZX or X series, Zero Manga series is total crap.

  6. Hope they would do the X series too.
    Zero is way too kiddish compared to the game for me.

  7. Anything by the Zero Manga artist is crap. Especially in the art department. Seriously, what is with the looks on the characters? This is Mega Man, not Mega 3 Year-Old.

  8. You know, I saw that Nintendo Power blurb in person, and I feel like I would have caught something specifically referencing Mega Man Zero. I say we get a scan to back this up.

    But even so, I think it's just an error on the NP team's part. To forget ZX, which we have confirmation of, and to put its casually-identical predecessor in its place, which we have not received word of...

    It's just a mistake.

    And to answer people's questions, we're missing the following Rockman mangas in English:

    - Rockman Remix
    - Rockman Megamix (coming soon)
    - Rockman Kondansha series (Comic Bom Bom)
    - Rockman X thru X4
    - Battle Story Rockman EXE
    - Rockman Zero
    - Rockman ZX (coming soon)
    - Shooting Star Rockman
    - Shooting Star Rockman Tribe
    - and this other Rockman EXE series I'm not familiar with

  9. I'm working on getting a scan, just have to find my scanner

  10. Find your scanner? Dude, you should clean more often....

  11. @Steven C: It's kinda vague to just say Kodansha/Comic Bom Bom, considering how many of the manga, including Iwamoto's X Series, were all published by them.

    That would include Ikehara's Classic/World Series, his two volume X set, Izuki's Rockman 8 and RnF, Rockman Battle and Chase, etc.

    I assume the EXE one you aren't familiar with is Gekitou! EXE Siblings Rockmen! It was a different CoroCoro edition by Kawano Takumi, where there's a Rockman who looks like Eric Cartman. Didn't quite catch on like Takamisaki's art style...LOL There is also a Ryuusei version by Takumi which is different from the RnR manga you mentioned. Those were drawn by Masaya Itagaki.

    There are some rare ones like ZXA and X5 which are even harder to find and probably would never see the day they'd get translated. There are also some 4Koma compilations, such as Dash 2 and X7, which could be included into the discussion if you wanted to go there.

    Just sayin' is all, to clarify your list a bit. ;)

  12. that drawing in the front cover was later used for Casshern Sins.

  13. I hope it's released. The Zero manga is crap, but in an awesome way?

  14. Why do people hate the Zero manga so much? It's different, big whoop. It doesn't have to be dark and gritty like the games.

  15. Steven Chase "Seiko"August 13, 2009 at 4:51 PM

    @Rock Miyabi:
    Yeah, that was just off the top of my head, lol. I was thinking more along the lines of more-probably-localized mangas, which the 4Komas and Takamisaki's SSR manga would not fit into. (Although I'm just guessing, since I dunno how many 4Komas there are and if there'd be enough to public a tankubon... But I know there's no tankubon of the SSR3 manga even in Japan since it only ran for 2 chapters in CoroCoro.)

    As for the Kodansha series... I honestly just recently learned about those, lol. You seem very knowledgeable on the manga entities... Can you give me a good resource for all of this? I found one one day but can't reproduce my search...

  16. I want the X manga. The Rockman Zero was different, but none the less enjoyable. I will buy it.

  17. @Chase the Paper Acer:
    Seiko, Seiko, Seiko. You disappear and leave me as the undertaker of On-Air and still want more from me?! ;p

    Your good manga resource is me and my whole collection, of course. Conveniently organized here:

    Of course, I've yet to get the time to seriously update each page, and there are a few books I own that I haven't opened a page for yet. But you can at least get general info and cover scans there. Eventually I also plan to contribute that info in some form to TMMN, probably forum-only at this point.

  18. Out of all the Mega Man mangas out there, this is one that I'm hoping we DON"T get. It just strayed too much from the source material.

    The only Zero manga I would accept coming stateside would be Volume 1. Otherwise, I'm fine just reading translated scans from the internet.


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