Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tiny Megamix Update

Looks like volume one of Mega Man Megamix is coming with a few extras directly from its Japanese counterpart. Amazon's listing now reads:

" Because you demanded it! The manga adventures of Mega Man - available in English for the first time! Witness the origin of Mega Man, his first battles with Dr. Wily and the evil the Robot Masters, plus appearances from Dr. Light, Roll, Proto Man, Rush, and many more Mega Man favorites! Also included in each volume are character profiles, sketches, and creator interviews."

All in all, volume one seems like a pretty nice deal for $12.95. More Megamix details are coming soon!


  1. my japanese copy of volume 1 has those things already. I'm glad the english version will still have them.

  2. Errr...extras how? All of those things were included in the original Megamixes. More specifically, it feels like it for sure is the R1 edition that got translated.

    It would be cool to have something original and new for the English release, but from what's said there, I'd say it just means those things weren't cut. Thankfully.

  3. Rock Miyabi: What kind of extras were you expecting? Were you thinking they would include something like the "Star Wars Trilogy SE extras", were they compare the old editions to the new editions and describe what specific changes were made and why?

  4. @Rock-X: Nowhere in my reply did I say I was actually expecting something extra. All I meant was that if there was indeed some type of "extra content" as Protodude's news post originally implied, it would be neat if we got something not already seen in the original Japanese books.

    For example, if Ariga had a special message for us English readers, different from his previous interviews. And it wasn't a generic, two-sentence thank-you...LOL

    Or if there was some special drawing/4Koma/character sheets made specifically for this edition not in the Japanese editions. Like, he's never drawn character sheets for the RMs from 7-9 in prior Megamixes. If we got those, that would be awesome. Something like that.

    Ariga's already recently shown some of the redrawn/reworked pages he has done on his blog, and I'm sure the changes are more numerous than could properly be illustrated as an extra feature.

  5. I apologize for any confusion. The post has been updated.


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