Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8-bit Powered Up, Wily Tower In The Works?

Mend, the team behind the highly anticipated 8-bit version of Mega Man 8, is tossing around the idea of producing similar, "devamped" versions of Mega Man Powered Up, the Wily Tower, and Rockman & Forte. That is, of course, if the sprites and music on Mend's website are any indication:
I'm all for this, especially if the titles turn out as good if not better than the 8-bit version of Mega Man 7. Future updates can be found over at Mend's official website.

Thanks, Brahman


  1. For me, it's too early to be excited (even if they managed to finish said projects, it won't be until a looong time). But the idea still strikes me as fascinating. I especially like the Time Man and Oil Man mugshots.

    Rockman 7 FC was great, and felt true to both its original counterpart as well as the NES classics (even though the intro and intermediate stages were removed). The sprite editing also added some great replay value, like swapping Rockman's sprites for Blues or even the likes of Sonic and Spongebob!

    Excited for Rockman 8 FC, even if the music wasn't as memorable as 7.

  2. Wow, that's great. Rockman & Forte ? Interesting. That's my favorite game of all time after Rockman 8

  3. Wow, Roy, I didn't even notice that it said "Gut Man."

    Anyway...Yeah, it will be a while until they finish Rockman 8 FC, probably at least not until the end of this year, so I'm guessing we wouldn't see these other games for quite some time.

  4. Their work is absolutely amazing. Easily some of the top tier fan games on the net. But could they really be called fan games? Someone better find a way to put them on custom NES carts in the future! The idea of a "remade" Powered Up is welcomed with open arms. All they would have to do is make Oil Man and Time Man's stages and a couple minor tweaks here and there with the stages and bam. Although that probably makes it sound too easy.

  5. @MegaMac: It's a bit harder than you might suspect to put a game designed strictly for the PC onto an NES cartridge; it would have to be completely re-coded, and many other aspects would have to be reformatted to work properly. If I knew how to do it, I'd consider putting my 8-bit remake of the DOS Mega Man games onto an NES cart one day.

    Either way, though, I agree - these projects are downright awesome, and I'm looking forward to the Rockman 8 devamp, and any other ones they decide to do one day.

  6. NOOOOOOOO! Demaking Wily Tower in 8bit was MY IDEA! MY IDEA! X_X

    Although they better finish any of their last projects first before considering doing any other projects.

  7. Do they have any plans to make it joypad-compatible? Last I checked, 7FC wasn't, and as a result, I could barely play it. It's unfortunate - I really want to try these out.

  8. Rockman 8 FC shows that Time Man and Oil Man might be secret bosses cause of this

  9. I hope they remake Rockman and Forte cause this game was really hard and now imagine it in nes difficulty that would be awesome specially the Bass gameplay.

  10. The idea of Oilman and Timeman as well as Wily Tower in this game is nonsense. The Megaman 1 with Oilman and Time addition in 8 bit is more sense to me.

    The Wily Tower should make their own in Megaman The Wily Wars 8 bit games. :)

  11. July 2021 Message ...

    The game did not come out

    1. It did come out, last year, but from another developer obviously. It has all "Wily Wars exclusive" stuff, in 8 bit NES-like style


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