Monday, August 17, 2009

Rockman, Giant Servbot Welcome You To Capcom

This is what you see upon entering Capcom's Tokyo HQ:

Once used for promotional purposes, these Rockman and Servbot statues now stand (and slouch) outside of the reception area, greeting those who enter the Tokyo office. Needless to say, they make excellent doormen.

More photos via 941's visual Capcom Tokyo tour here.


  1. So much Monster Hunter 3 love at Capcom. ^^
    Kobun: "Hey, careful with my GBA tummy there! That tickles! oAo"

  2. Nice greeting. Hopefully this is CAPCOM hinting that they are working on DASH 3...... i doubt it, but one can hope, right?

  3. I could imagine those heads slowly turning and watching you as you come in....o.O

  4. I think there's a camera inside of one of those things, lol.

  5. I would friggin KILL for the Mega Man and Servbots. The large a bit too large though, lol.

  6. @ VixyNyan:
    Haha, oh you.

    That Wormlight promo Servbot is boss.

    Does tedeste sound obscene to anyone else?


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