Friday, August 14, 2009

Bootleg Mega Man Beyblade

During a trip to Vancouver, Canada, PRC reader Master Otenko came across something of an oddity: A bootleg spinning top Beyblade toy featuring a very shoddy recolored Zero who makes an appearance on both the packaging and the aforementioned spinning top.

Of course, this is not an official product from either Capcom or Takara (makers of Beyblade), but interesting nonetheless. It's certainly the first time I've ever seen something like this.

More pictures of the toy available here. Thanks, Master Otenko


  1. An interesting find, Master Otenko. The colors remind me of Nightmare Zero from x6. I'm not saying its the same, but that's what I first thought about when I saw the pic.

  2. I guess the "thunderclap" is what you get when you have un-protected sex with Zero!

    *ba-dum tss!*

  3. Ahhh Beyblades... I remember when I was obsessed with those... I have quite a few somewhere around here somewhere.

    I have quite a few custom/bootleg beyblades, and I have seen none that are as good of quality on this one. Honestly If someone didn't know of Rockman they would fall for this hook line and sinker.

    I know a few years ago I would have... Still a very interesting find, makes me wonder how many other things people use for ripoff beyblades. lol

  4. LOL I remember seeing this product when I was in Malaysia.
    Imagine Zero as a Bit Chip Beast, that would be epic.

  5. The only proper way to make BeyBlades even cooler than they already are with all that excitement about spinning tops is to add MegaMan in some way. I think the source image is from X5 or one MegaMan Xtreme official artworks, but I'm bound to be wrong.

    Yeah, I thought Nightshade/Nightmare Zero when I looked at it first, but it didn't have that neon blue and green effect that I was expecting. Didn't keep me from assembling it, though.

  6. I had a fake beyblade. It was so heavy that I broke many original beyblades of my friends' xD

  7. @TwilightTO

    I've seen Hentai characters be used on Beyblades in the dollar store.

  8. @Anon#2

    I honestly don't find that very hard to believe to be quite honest.

    Just goes to show that people nowadays will do anything for a quick profit.. even if it means ripping off another idea, or in some cases "Improving" it. Lol

  9. Some pirates are fun. I remember seeing a product called "Amusing Fish" which was a total rip on "Finding Nemo" toys.

    Then there are the "superhero" pirates that have a collection of seemingly random characters like Spiderman, Mr. Incredible and Naruto.


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