Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clark Teases "Clock Program"

A couple of new messages are up over at the Satellite Server. Nothing groundbreaking, but they support the notion that Clark, the website's "host", might have some sort of relation to OSS' new Navi, Clock Man. The first message:

Clark speaks about the arrival of a trial version of the "Clock PGM", a program that grants the user control over time. When Ace decides to give the program to Clark, he is both excited and nervous to aid the Satella Police. (Ace apparently chose Clark to bear the program because he was "in good/safe condition.")

The second message:

Clark is struggling to properly use the Clock Program. The message ends ambiguously with Clark being sucked into a "warp hole." What happens next is anyone's guess...

Of note, the translations are computer based, so legitimacy is questionable. The post will be updated when a more concrete translation surfaces.

Thanks, Craig.


  1. Hmmm... this is getting curiouser and curiouser. I guess it wouldn't be an off guess to say Clark might be Clockman. That's pretty odd, especially since it was pretty heavily emphasized Clockman was a NAVI from the future, though you could interpret this as meaning from EXE's standpoint-- to them, Wizards are similar enough to navis, they might just call them that. Who knows. EXE Star throws me for a loop every time.

  2. i bet this means that the OSS site will be updated soon, and Clark will probably appear on their or something..

  3. He looks... different. O_o

  4. Holy fuck, people were right! They actually are trying to tie in MMSF3 right to the next game--Operate Shooting Star. Also...MAJOR MMSF3 SPOILERS!!!!

    It's interesting how they're tying Ace into it all, seeing as how he, you know, died (unless his bandaged body in the credits really was canon).

  5. But the thing is that Clark looks like a very generic Wizard. His "sprite" is not unique, so could he really become a major boss character?

  6. Thinking about it, it's possible they are just emulating the situation in OSS with Clark, instead of Clark ACTUALLY being Clockman.

  7. I'm with JDAManson. Could just be a parallel story.

  8. The warp hole sent Clark to the Operate Shooting Star site, according to the recent update.


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