Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mega Man Vinyls Coming In Fall

Curious as to what's up with the new vinyl Mega Man figures, I recently spoke with a representative of Jazwares. I inquired when the figures would see a release, and although they couldn't give me a specific answer, they said we should expect to see one or two figures some time in the fall. They also told me that the figures might be online exclusives available through places like Amazon, Entertainment Earth and Jazwares' own shop.

The initial line will consist of Mega Man, Proto Man, and Elec Man. More characters will definitely be released if they figures sell well enough.


  1. Ah, so that's why I couldn't find them at TRU.

    Why online exclusive though? Are they having problems with getting stores to carry them? At least that'll make getting them easier.

  2. Yeah, because they prolly aren't going to sell quite as much as say, GI Joe or Transformers, so rather than send a few to many stores where some sell none and some sell out, put them on a website in one location so everyone (with internet and a credit card) can have access.

  3. Bleh. These look crappy. I was never into the flat "looks like they were posted on a flat surface" look for vinyl toys. If they REALLY want to make interesting MegaMan designer esque toys they should do something like, have a blind box set for MegaMan Powered Up figures in say the same vein as the KidRobot Zoomies set. (http://www.gnosisstore.com/shop/images/zoomies.jpg) They're super deformed too.

  4. These guys still look too much like Mighty Muggs to me. Jazwares might have some fights on their hands, lol.


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