Monday, August 24, 2009

Wonder Festival Figures Come To Ebay

Remember those totally insane custom Rockman model kits from Wonder Festival? Well, it looks like somebody is auctioning off a handful of them on Ebay...for a price of course:
  • Dimension Diver Rockman  - produced by custom design group, Dimension Diver, a fully pose-able "ball-and joint" classic series Rockman figure. When built, the figure is 11cm in height.
  • Atelier-Sai Rockman -classic series Rockman figure created by Atelier-Sai. Stands at 10cm when built.
  • Atelier-Sai Forte - classic series Forte figure, 11cm in height when built.
  • Atelier-Sai Zero - Zero series styled Zero figure. Approx. 10cm in height when completed.
  • Atelier-Sai Harpuia - 11cm tall Harpuia model, my personal favorite!
Bear in mind, you won't be bidding on completed figures, but, unassembled, sealed in box model kits. Serious construction is required! Also, the ball-and-joint mechanisms for each figure are sold separately. You can find them for $5 at Hobby Link Japan.


  1. Damn..... i want that Harpuia figure.

  2. Ugh... so tempting. I don't have time to paint and assemble, but I do so badly want a rockman to adorn my mantle.

  3. Dimension Diver Rockman... DO WANT. I remember just staring at a picture of it a while back. It looks so awesome, though I dunno if I'd want to keep one since it'd end up getting just stuffed in a box.

  4. cool Harpuia figure. . kinda has a big head though, but it's still neat.

  5. They'll get bid sniped. For sure.

  6. every one who wants some go to ebay or


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