Monday, August 17, 2009

Mysterious OSS Message From Clark

Accessing the main page on the Satellite Server brings up a new, curious message from Clark, the "welcome Wizard":

"A while back I mentioned something about a “program that can control time,” but it seems like they somehow completed a prototype!

Then, Ace comes to me and asks of all things “Clark, if you’d like, would you want that program installed in you?” It seems to be for data collecting, but to get a program like that installed… I get kind of a special feeling. Hmm, but why would Ace choose me?"

Seems like yet another reference to Operate Shooting Star's mysterious time travel aspect, possibly even a poke at Clock Man, the time traveling Navi from the future. Not really sure what to make of this one, though it really makes me question the true identity of Clock Man (Clark?)

Credit: TwilightTO and The Mega Man Network


  1. Clark = Clock man. Genius.

  2. Yeah, considering how close Clark's Japanese pronunciation (KURAAKU) is to Clock's Japanese pronunciation (KUROKKU)... This connection isn't so farfetched.

    (And I just realized Clock is a constellation...)

  3. I have a theory for OSS. I think that they are devoloping this program because maybe something happened in the past that must be changed. Then the Satella Police probably decided to send RnR Megaman and Harp Note to the past. So I think that when Clock Man said that the plan will be completed in 32 hours something minutes and something seconds, he was probably refering to something that will affect the future drasticlly. Which means that Clockman or Clock Genius is probably more of a friend than a foe. So what do you think of my theory Protodude? Oh and does anyone know what transformations will be included? I have a feeling that it will either be something completely new or noise changes for RnR Megaman with which will all probably relate to time. Maybe the transformations will be crosses or noise change of BN charecters. Proto Noise anyone? As for Megaman.EXE (considering that you can play as him), it will be either style changes,soul unisons, crosses, or something completely new (maybe relating to Star Force charecters). Will, I wonder how it will all turn out. Protodude and anyone else who is reading this comment, what is your views on this?


    Yeah, let's send 2 kids into the past with a program that has not been tested (how can a PROGRAM send people back to a time period that is not crossed with the digital world, I'm yet to imagine how) to stop whatever-cataclismic issue that can't be solved in the present, even with the most advanced technology available.

    It's a game. A HOBBY GAME. You CAN NOT make up a theory without being silly or sounding stupid. It's just not worth it....You don't have to think too much to realize something THAT simple. SIMPLE GAME, MORE MILKING...right?

    ...I've been playing the BN series and, as a gamer, I think using BN1 in a crossover with SF it's just returning to the "MM-ly simplistic" gaming roots of the first hobby game...and adding the craptastic influences of the later games...I'm just hoping they don't screw the game too much -_-

  5. Laugh or not, that theory actually accurate. But game is still made for milking money. Anyways, actually I would love to see Geo/Subaru to have some kind of crossover forms (Like Guts Form, Fire Form, etc) and Rockman.EXE to have Ryuusei boss forms.

  6. Hey maybe they'll remake that hilarious example of Japanese racism as OilMan.EXE. In America, he'll be blue & have yellow lips.

  7. I'm waiting for Rockman.exe, Ryusei Soul. :) I edited the EXE4.5 sprite of Rockman to make one, and it was pretty sick.

  8. They can't make this game without doing some sort of crossover forms for each Rockman. Even with all the laziness they've obviously had.

    Whether that's a good thing or not is yet to be seen... We still need to know more. We may all scream like excited fangirls come next CoroCoro.

  9. I wonder if they will allow you to use Navi Cust program or the Brother band program? Maybe they will make a completely new program combining both programs? That will be interesting (like more link power = bigger map size). Oh and I have heard somewhere, I don't know if it's true but, Capcom is supposed to make one more Megaman Battle Network game with a cross over with the Zero games. Oh and it is supposed to be made only if OSS sells well. There is also supposed to be a new ZX game. This new game is supposed to be either a cross over or continution of ZXA. I don't really belive these rumors anyway, but again this is Capcom we are talking about. Some people are saying that after RnR Megaman does what ever he needs to, Megaman.EXE accidently goes to the future with RnR Megaman. If this rumor is true, then I am sure that this is going to be a VERY long game. The last rumor that I have heard is that there is going to be a Megaman Star Force: Operate Battle Network. In this game Megaman.EXE is supposed to get caught in a time portal by a mistake made by Clock Genius or Clockman. I really hope that these rumors are true! How many people actually belive in this rumor? Do you Protodude?


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