Sunday, August 23, 2009

'Rockman Live' - Advertisment

1997 saw a plethora of Rockman festivities and events to commemorate the series 10th anniversary. One such event was "Rockman Live Stage",  a little known stage show which performed periodically throughout Japan in the fall of '97. Footage of the show in its entirety has yet to surface, but fortunately, there exists a brief TV spot of the event.

I want that Wily costume.


  1. Awsome costumes of the other characters. Megaman looked very nice as well. I hope there's something like it for the 25th anniversary.

  2. The ultimate in festival/convetion costumes. I am sure they smell like 1997 inside. I dunno if that would be mega or not.

  3. I like how Aqua Man's stage theme is playing in the background.

  4. I love how almost all of the characters shown were from the Classic series, except Zero. Then again, Rockman X4 came out for the 10th Anniversary as well, and this isn't complete footage...

    I also loved the costumes, and the Aqua Man music was nice ;)

  5. The characters present are Mega Man, Roll, Dr. Wily, Dr. Light, Mega Man X (in two scenes) and Zero.

  6. Ok, brain is breaking slightly, but seeing X at the door greeting everyone was kinda funny. Why would they have X and Zero with Wily/Light/Roll/Rock is anyone's guess, but eh.

    Maybe it was like the Japanese version of Mega X or something. *snicker* Either way, a bit jealous am I, of the Japanese kids who got to go see this. ^_^ I woulda been all over that like butter on mashed potatoes!


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