Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blast From The Past - Mega Man PSM Cover Story

Mega Man Volnutt and Zero graced the cover of PSM magazine in late '97 as part of the issue's coverage for the then up and coming Mega Man Neo (aka Mega Man Legends) and Mega Man X4. The artwork was produced by comic artist Adam Warren.

A behind-the-scene look at the cover's creation:

More scans from the issue including previews for MMNeo and X4, available here.

Thanks, CaptainJack.


  1. Why can't he draw that good nowadays instead of drawing that horribly put together Empowered series? It's funny, but seriously, not all that great in the art department.

  2. Wow, the guy did a really good job with them.

  3. What I coincidence, since I just played Legends for the first time today.

  4. What the hell's wrong with Megaman's hand!?

  5. This is brings back some good memories. I wonder though. . .If X9 or a Legends 3 was ever in production, ya think PSM is gonna do another Megaman coverage? Because they're the only game magazine that does it. . .

  6. What the heck is wrong with... that entire picture!? It's awful!

  7. @ Last Anon who said it looks awful:

    Can you do better? I bet you can't. Seriously, think before you act so rudely.

  8. "@Last Anon who said it looks awful:

    Can you do better? I bet you can't. Seriously, think before you act so rudely."

    Yes,because you have to be better in order to judged somebody.

  9. lol you don't have to be an artist to be a critique. The poster never implied they could do a better job. It's just an opinion he or she has the right to voice.

    It's like saying I have to accept Superman 64 is great simply because I can't make a game.

    Well, I'm not really artist myself either, but there are many noticeable flaws. For instance:
    1. Mega Man Volnutt's face is horrendous (nose and mouth too high up)
    2.his right knee is strangely curved
    3.the sides of his helmet should be slightly hidden from that angle
    4.his fingers are immensely distorted, even from that perspective.

    Zero seems mostly alright, though his head should be rounder and his nose is drawn weird from the way it cuts off with his helmet, IMO.


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