Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mega Man Marathon Ends, Brings In 7K

The Speed Gamers' 72-hour, earthday Mega Man marathon has come to an end, reaching their goal of raising $7,000 in donations since Friday, August 14th. Fortunately, there is still time to send in your donations regardless of the marathon's passing; donations will be accepted until Wednesday, August 19th.

A big hand to the Speed Gamers and those who participated - a splendid job well done for a worthy cause! Congrats!


  1. The chat was epic... the guy Ferenc who played through 13 hours straight of Megaman Battle Network 3, his strategy was insane. I guess I shouldn't be talking about this here lol, anyone who wants to donate to them, do it! Definitely worth it.

  2. did you donate money protodude

  3. I donated yesterday when they started playing legends.

    Although did they do these games?

    Mega Man and Bass
    Mega Man X7
    Mega Man X8
    Mega Man Network Transmission
    Mega Man Zero 1-4

    Their best for me was their MegaMan 9 Run they beat that very fast and without a gameover.

  4. oops I forgot that Legends was on Saturday not Sunday ;.;

  5. I was there for half of the marathon, but I know that they got through most of the game. However, they weren't able to get to any of the Megaman Zero games or Megaman NT since they ran out of time for them along with MM&B. MM&B was stopped when BN3 was beaten. And last I checked, they were at 75 percent of 7K when the marathon ended, but regardless congrats to TSG for it and hope to tune in for the Halloween marathon.

  6. On their forums, it says that supposedly someone donated a large sum of money right at the last second (around $1750 or so), so they did manage to reach their goal, and actually exceed it by about $11!

    I'm kind of sad that they didn't beat R&F, but they seemed to be having trouble with a couple of the stages/bosses for some reason (maybe because that was in the final hour, and they'd been playing for so long?).

    Anyway, it was a great marathon, and I'm glad they raised the money - and I'm glad I chipped in a decent amount. In the future, I'm going to donate some nice rare goodies for their prize giveaways (for the Sonic marathon they are thinking of doing, I told them I may give a copy of the Sonic XTreme Tech Demo).

  7. they managed to get the battle network feed working? Darn I missed it T_T I enjoyed watching Chase get stuck at high max in x6 :P


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