Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Very First Mega Man X Trailer

Uncovered by SuperMega and I, here is the very first Mega Man X trailer from CES '94. The footage shows off a prototype version of the game containing a few graphical glitches and the word "SAMPLE" on the title screen:


  1. But surely if there were any samples or prototypes of the game, they would be Rockman X instead of his translated counterpart

  2. This couldn't have been from CES "1993", since CES always had there shows at the beginning of January of every year. If a *localized* build of this "completed" Rockman X game was shown in Jan. 93, that would mean that MMX wasn't released until late-December of that same year, but that wouldn't make any sense. Catch my drift? Rockman X wasn't even announced until Fall '93, so I would assume this footage of MMX was from a CES "1994" show. Wasn't Mega Man X released in America on Jan. 1994 anyways? Just a heads up.

  3. Bah, my mistake. It was 94; it even says so on the VHS label :p


  4. @Drallkan and Keiji: It makes perfect sense for this sample to have been demonstrated at CES '94, because this is an English-language sample of the game, and "Mega Man X" was released in North America in January of 1994. It looks like they were demonstrating the game right before it hit store shelves. Of course, I'm fairly certain that a Japanese-language sample/demo cartridge exists out there, but you'd have to look for it.

    From the footage shown here, I'm guessing that the sample/demo only contains the introduction stage and Chill Penguin's stage. Of course, this could be wrong and simply what was shown in the trailer.

  5. @Brahman:

    I really do think you've misread my post. I said this COULDN'T have been shown in *CES 1993*, not 1994. Please reread my post again.

  6. @Keiji: Actually, I was agreeing with you there, and backing up the fact that this would be from 1994 and not '93. The rest of the post regarding a "Rockman X" sample was directed at Drallkan. =)


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