Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hand-made Reaverbot

Models based off of Rockman and co. are common place at garage kit conventions such as Japan's Wonder Festival, but not very often you see something like this:
Custom figure designer, Fyakumo, built and sold this cool Reaverbot at the summer Wonder Festival. Standing at 5-inches tall, the little guy has a rotating torso and two interchangeable heads. Best of all was the price tag -- a low 1,000 Yen ($10).

A few more shots of the model can be seen at the designer's blog.


  1. Oooohh nice! I wish this guy made more of those, i'd like to get my hands on that.

  2. I got those Original X and Zero figures from Rockman Zero that they had at one of the events, but they are like garage kits and you need drill sets and whatnot to build them... so they have been sitting in their boxes since I got them. I wish I had the abilities to build them.

    But these Reaverds look awesome too. I'd like to see other kinds as well.


    Let's hope there's Sharukurusu next.

  4. Does Japan not have copyright infringement lawyers like the US does chomping at the bit to sue anyone who makes money off of an IP they don't own? If a US company made a toy or figure from some series they didn't own, they'd be sued in a heartbeat. I think it's awesome they apparently encourage this in Japan, I wish these stupid US copyright lawyers would get a new profession.

  5. They have very harsh laws in Japan, actually, regarding copyright infringement and the like. A site like Sprites Inc in Japan would get taken down in a heardbeat. However, companies taking individuals to court over somthing small like this is very rare. In a way it is like free advertisement, and the people making them are hardly making a living off the figures, let alone have the money to pay the fines.


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