Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Operate Shooting Star Famitsu Blurb

This week's Famitsu came with a tiny OSS blurb that pretty much went over everything we already knew. The only thing really noteworthy is confirmation of two player local wireless play. Strangely, there's no mention of Wi-Fi multiplayer...


  1. I really think this game is a step in the wrong direction.
    Shooting Star, while decent, had definitely run it's course by the third game.
    After six games, EXE had been milked WAY too much.
    Reviewers already complained about the sub-standard graphics in Shooting Star/Starforce. Can't see how going back to the OLDEST GRAPHICS IN THE EXE SERIES would seem like a good idea.
    It's like capcom is TRYING to dig Rockman's grave.

  2. Graphics don't define the game, but seriously, I hope this includes WiFi Battles, I will be seriously disappointed if they do not include Wi-Fi in a battle network game.

  3. This game is VERY DISAPPOINT!

  4. @ 3rd Anonymous-
    How can this game be disappointing when it hasn't even been released in japan yet? (let alone usa/eu) You probably haven't even seen any gameplay yet, just these overworld graphics, which are in my opinion the least important graphics in the entire game.

    I sure hope WiFi is thrown in at some point, maybe they're just not far enough at programming the game to say that it is in there. I'm pretty sure that it'd be awesome to fight when your opponent is using the other battle style (exe vs sf), that way battles get more interesting because you have to keep in mind in what ways your opponent can move around. Also, I hope you can use battle chips and cards, depending on the mega you're controlling. I shouldn't be talking this much about it though I guess. I'll save some of my hopes for another post :P

  5. yes,becuase we all know you can judge a game based off only some pictures of the opening and overworld.

  6. Some of the above posters don't really seem to understand. A lot of people aren't complaining about the graphics because that's all they care about. The recycled graphics is basically a sign from Capcom that says "We don't care." Yeah, it's just the "overworld" map, but don't you think it's about time they started making new sprites? It's the year 2009, and we're using sprites from as early as 2001. 8 year difference.

    Sure, Capcom could prove me wrong and actually make a revolutionary game. But that's not the point. The point is the first screens give off a bad impression, and it really shows that the creators aren't really putting their heart into it anymore.

    And before anyone brings "budget" into the discussion, this is Capcom we're talking about. They CAN provide the money, they just choose not to.

  7. Budget is obviously not a problem seeing as how they threw their money away with BN5DS and its cancelled remake.

  8. I have a theory that they made the graphics old so that they can give the "going back in time feeling". I mean why else woulden't they use recent graphics. They most know that people won't buy the game if they don't have good graphics. Maybe they will show the recent RnR graphics before they go back in time and then some how switch the graphics.

  9. I wonder if they will allow you to use Navi Cust program or the Brother band program? Maybe they will make a completely new program combining both programs? That will be interesting (like more link power = bigger map size). Oh and I have heard somewhere, I don't know if it's true but, Capcom is supposed to make one more Megaman Battle Network game with a cross over with the Zero games. Oh and it is supposed to be made only if OSS sells well. There is also supposed to be a new ZX game. This new game is supposed to be either a cross over or continution of ZXA. I don't really belive these rumors anyway, but again this is Capcom we are talking about. Some people are saying that after RnR Megaman does what ever he needs to, Megaman.EXE accidently goes to the future with RnR Megaman. If this rumor is true, then I am sure that this is going to be a VERY long game. The last rumor that I have heard is that there is going to be a Megaman Star Force: Operate Battle Network. In this game Megaman.EXE is supposed to get caught in a time portal by a mistake made by Clock Genius or Clockman. I really hope that these rumors are true! How many people actually belive in this rumor? Of course I still think that this might be just another attempt to milk the Battle Network series.

  10. Uh, no. They didn't make new graphics because they were too lazy or didn't have a big enough budget. There will not be a BN Zero crossover. Depending on how much of each character you can control, they might skip the customization. (since this is the first BN and all) And so far it looks like it's NOT going to be a super long game. There may be a portion where they go back to the future but I highly doubt there would be one games' worth storyline in each time frame and there definitely isn't going to be another one with an entirely different viewpoint. Since they're obviously not putting enough work into one version, they won't make two separate ones with all different scenarios.

    (You might say that they used old graphics so they would have less workload to make two versions, but I say bah. Having two would be utterly silly anyway. Are they going to happen at the same time? :P)

    A lot of these 'rumors' seem like stuff made up on the spot or hopeful (and weird) wishes. I think everyone is expecting way too much.


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