Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Servbot Pudding. 'Nuff Said.

That's right, pudding. Is there any product these guys aren't on?

Apparently, boxes of Servbot branded pudding (and pudding dishes) were given away at Tokyo Game Show 2000 as a souvenir for those who paid a visit to Capcom's booth. Hey, who doesn't love free pudding? Also, you gotta love that slogan on the box:

"I Am Pudding. Anybody Who Eats Me Will Be Happy. Try Me Please!"

So gosh darn cute.



  1. The slogan. The fucking slogan. It tears me apart. What I wouldn't give for decade old pudding. Such a cute collectible. lol

  2. ok, this is getting way to weird

  3. Protodude, are you from Minnesota?

    For some reason I read the last sentence as "So gosh dern cute, now." Like Bobby Generic's mom.

  4. Purin ni Kobun (Pudding and Kobun) XD

  5. I want that pudding!

  6. @Anonymous #2:

    Stereotyping Minnesotans like me and our speech patterns from what you've heard from watching "Fargo" and "Bobby's World" makes me sad. :[

    For the record, it's ex-Alaskan governors who say 'You betcha,' and 'gosh dern cute,' don'tcha know dere. And no, she was never Minnesotan either. ;p


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