Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Star Force 3 Sales Report

Let's check up on Star Force 3, shall we? According to VGChartz, SF3 sold an additional 9,000 units from August 1st though August 8th, charting at number 48 on the NA charts. Our grand total in sales is roughly 76,000 units.

Nearly to the 100k point. Hopefully, sales will be consistent in the coming weeks to get us there.

Thanks, MajorTom.


  1. it's a shame that sales havent been higher, I really feel like SF3 is the best in the series, far and away.

  2. It IS a shame. Capcom learned from their mistakes with SF3, and they're not rewarded for it.

  3. Ugh if the sales are not higher there won't be megaman starforce 4!!! tats rly bad news...


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