Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Auction - Mega Man 3 'Play Choice' Board

Currently up for auction on ebay is a rather rare piece of hardware. Behold, a Mega Man 3 "Play Choice" mother board.

The board once belonged to an arcade based version of Mega Man 3 that graced Nintendo's little known Play Choice 10 cabinets in the early 90's. (Read more on that here)

Bidding begins at $4.99 plus an additional $12. Buyer beware, the board is used and untested; might turn out to be something really special or a piece of junk. Also if you do manage to win, make sure you have some sort of arcade cabinet to play the game.

Complete auction here.


  1. What's so special about this arcade edition of Mega Man 3?...except for the rareness...

    Extra features? score system? playabe Break Man :D?

  2. Same game really, color palette is a bit different.

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't wait for Coro Coro!! @_____@

    I think I've checked your site 50 times today, Protodude.

  4. What exactly is this?

  5. Read the post, read the link.

  6. I remember these, our Pizza hut had them, although I don't think they had megaman in them, just like Mario Bros, contra, etc etc. I really need to build my mame cabinet lol

  7. @Hypercoyote: I've seen these too, but it's been a while! Like you, most of the ones I've seen were things like Castlevania and Mario Bros/Super Mario Bros. I'm fairly certain that Mega Man 3 is one of the more obscure ones. It's awesome that you have a MAME cabinet - that's pretty sweet!

    This is definitely a more obscure item from the Rockman series, but you'd have to have some sort of arcade machine/cabinet to put this in, as this is only the memory board of the game (if that's indeed what's on the board, but I'll give the seller the benefit of the doubt here).

  8. There was a Putt Putt Golf near where I used to live that had something like this, only it was Megaman Power Fighters or something like that...

  9. If you want to play this then you would need to get ahold of a Playchoice 10 arcade cabinet, since its a non jamma arcade board standard jamma cabs can't play the game. No PC10 adapters for Jamma cabs exist either last time I checked.

    The game itself is exactly the same as the Nes version but as with all PC10 games it outputs with a proper RGB picture (the Nes can only output in RF or composite) making it look slightly sharper. Also as with all PC10 games you have a time limit as to how long you can play the game (once it runs out you need to put more money in to continue)

  10. @MusashiAA,

    Very true!

    No Extra features.. No score system. Unplayable Break Man.. Its useless! Move on. :D


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