Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Game Of Roulette

Spotted at a Japanese bar, here's a Rockman X themed roulette machine. Manufactured in 1995, the machine allows players to win a variety of prizes ranging from cold hard cash to candy. Simply place your bet, spin the wheel and score as many points as you can in four rounds. The higher the score, the better the prize.


  1. If it was spotted in a japanese bar, shouldnt it be a "RockMan X themed roulette machine" instead of a "Mega Man X themed roulette machine"

  2. I wonder who's speaking in the background? Is that voice coming from the machine?

  3. It seems like Rockman X3 had more merchandise made off of it than any other game in the series....pretty much all the Rockman X models were made after it, all kinds of random electronic goodies, erasers, gashapon, trading cards, pc games (although they did do the others too) and the list goes on. I didn't see half as much for X2 or X1 for that matter.


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