Monday, August 10, 2009

Hyadian's Latest Remix - Heat Man

Caution - suggestive lyrics

Visit Hyadian's channel for more Mega Man remixed tunes.


  1. Ew, it's got a terrible message to it. Why did they have to ruin the song like that?

  2. Not my most favorites of his work. BTW Protodude you spelled his name wrong twice.

  3. "Ew, it's got a terrible message to it. Why did they have to ruin the song like that?"

    Because Hyadain has a pretty big sense of humor and he's not a school teacher.

    And yeah, agreed that it's definitely not one of his best MM mixes but pretty good nonetheless.

    His Dragon Quest stuff is amazing.

    I just think it's not right to screw up somebody else's character, is that so wrong o_o?

    I wouldn't go to some real original yuri/yaoi manga/anime/game and then take one of their characters and make them hetero; so why do %$#& fugoshi people have to go take someone from say, rockman games and make them %$# gay?! Like that *%$# Hyadain futanary/shemale so called “singer” and %$#@ fuhoshi otaku people!!!!

    It's their own freakin character or the real creator of them and it's not mine OR other fangirls/boys to decide what they do with those character sexuality. Now if I see something like X x zero/rock x proto/axel x X x zero, any robot master x rockman, etc…. I go fucking berserk; they DO NOT have any sexual attraction from each other (In fact, in the whole %$# rockman universe all those robots have NO sexual or reproductive organs or even a G spot, not even an anus. All those robots are totally ASEXUALS!!!!) so yeah the OOC yaoi/yuri “pairing” shouldn't %$# exist... forcing two male/female characters to yaoi/yuri fuck each other for their own sick and twisted fantasies: it's NOT RIGHT!

    Seriously, those kinds of OOC “pairings” don't make sense at all. And they have been degenerate the rockman games for 15 years or so on the %$# sick internet. That is why this video game isn’t popular anymore like it use to be many many years ago, because EVERYBODY around the world think that ALL “mm” characters are “officially” homo since this all yaoi/yuri shit started against MM universe. It is truth, You just type “megaman/rockman” on any part of the net and this is the ONLY %$# shit you will find about it and nothing else believe me.Those %$# people who do this to rockman characters are NOT real “fans” of that game, ONLY those who appreciated the MM games from a NON healthy sexual POV are REAL fans.

    If they are SOOOO desperate enough to pair up two characters that are not gay/lesbo, then they should make their own real homo characters instead!!! I honestly couldn't care less if they were re-color of an official character at this point, I'm sick of it all!
    I'm sorry, but I am just REALLY ticked off with all this...
    (Just a note, non-canon hetero pairings are just as bad as OOC yaoi/yuri ones... like seishiroXhokuto,bunny sukido[sailor moon] x tuxedo mask, all those canon street fighter gay and lesbo characters that are turned OOC hetero, etc…..)


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