Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rockman Dorayaki

Hot on the heels of the Servbot pudding comes another strange Tokyo Game Show food product: Rockman Dorayaki.

Half dozen packs of Rockman branded dorayaki were given away at Tokyo Game Show '99. Unlike the free Servbot pudding of TGS 2000, Capcom booth attendees were forced to fork over 500 yen per pack.

For the uninitiated, doryaki are kind of like pancakes more or less. Essentially, it's spongecake filled to the brim with sweetened red beans. Best eaten grilled.

[via Yahoo Japan]


  1. We've seen these before on your blog. :O

  2. If you're curious, the text says "Rock-manju Dorayaki" in the box on top, and "Rockman Dorayaki: Eat for Full Power" in the larger text. Manju is the type of Japanese pastry thing that these are; it's a silly pun (but a cute one).

  3. Nice, I love little things like this. I find it funny that it originally sold for 500 Yen and now it's going for 3,000 Yen (which isn't too bad, really, but a little steep for some old food). Good find!

  4. Well the image is adorable.

  5. Ooh! Ooh! I have a picture of this package open, where you can see the dorayaki. I've uploaded it here:

  6. Nice, Ginrei! Thanks for uploading a pic of what the Dorayaki actually looks like! It's cute.


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