Thursday, August 20, 2009

'Rockman Z' Reviewed

Rockman Z is one of those rare pirated Mega Man games that actually doesn't outright suck. It's of fairly high quality for a pirate, good production values with solid gameplay make It's easy for one to mistaken it for a true blue MM game. That said, Brahman has recently written a highly informative review about the title, detailing everything one could ever want to know about this little oddity. A portion of the review below:
"So, what exactly is this game? It is a presumably unlicensed game that was released by a Chinese development company known as Vast Fame for the Game Boy Color sometime in 2001 using a modified version of Mega Man Xtreme's game-engine. The game is part of a trilogy, with Rockman DX3 as the second part and Rockman & Crystal as the third-and-final installment.
Although released as stand-alone cartridges, this game is often still released today in China by various cartridge producers as part of multi-carts."
Full review available here. Thanks, Brahman


  1. Good review :)
    Coincidently, the game SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash mentions a fictional game called "Mega Man Z":

  2. Too bad there is no ROM of this game available - such good pirates like this need to be shared!

  3. Agreed. :) And it's nice to know more about interesting pirated games like these.

  4. One day if I get the proper equipment I'll dump the ROM, if I can isolate it without dumping the entire multi-cart. Also, I'd like to dump Rockman DX3, since the version of DX3 I have doesn't have all of the save-files cleared from start (presumably the ROM circulating was a bad dump) and has different, and in my opinion, better music (the ROM on the internet has music recycled from Rockman Z).

  5. Are ROMs of any of the trilogy available? I remember Rockman & Crystal looking awesome.

    Zook! Eat my big gun!

  6. I know there is a ROM of DX3 circulating around on the Internet (I think Gauntlet may have it on his site somewhere, but if not, you can find it if you look around the web some). However, the ROM of DX3 available is a bad dump, because all of the bosses are cleared from the get-go, and the music of that version is ripped right from Zook Z. One day I'll rip the version I have if I get the equipment to do so.

  7. The one I want the most is Rockman & Crystal, but I haven;t had any luck since I heard of it years ago.

  8. @Brahman: If you need help, you can ask drx (the guy who runs and dumps protos) to either have it dumped or be pointed in the right direction to get the hardware you need.

    Also, it's best to just dump the whole multicart as a single ROM - using a hex editor, it should be possible to split it up afterwards.


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