Sunday, November 30, 2008

GameSetWatch Interviews IntiCreates Sound Team

GameSetWatch had sometime quality time with the IntiCreates sound team to discuss the recently released Rockman 9 Arrange Album. Those being interviewed include the famed Ippo Yamada, Ryo Kawakami and Akira Kaida.

The interview discusses each composer's history in the industry as well as some background into the conception of the various Rockman 9 tunes.

A small portion of the interview:

Akari Kaida: I’m Akari Kaida. I joined Capcom in 1994 and have written for a variety of projects, but as far as Mega Man is concerned, I wrote songs for Mega Man and Bass, Mega Man ZX Advent, and Mega Man Battle Network 1 & 5. I went freelance in 2005, and joined the arrange soundtrack for Mega Man 9 this year.

GSW: You are often credited as Akari Kaida Groves. Is this your formal name?

Kaida: Yes, my husband is Australian, so I compose music under the Western surname of Groves.

GSW: Mega Man & Bass is one of the few early Mega Man titles not to be localized for English-language territories, only receiving a release years later for the Game Boy Advance. There were various musicians who contributed to the soundtrack. Which songs were yours?

Kaida: Let's see, I think they were Cloud Man, Ground Man... and Tengu Man, I'd say. There may have been others, but it's hard to remember.

GSW: What was your contribution to the arrange soundtrack?

Kaida: For the arranged album, Yamada-san suggested I write something stylish and easygoing... a kind of European, French-style scat vocal. The state I was looking to capture was laid back and untroubled. Because quite a few of the other arrangements involved electronic instruments, I was going for a more acoustic sound by comparison. There’s an acoustic guitar in there if you listen closely. It was fun to write.

View the interview in its entirety here.

News Credit: GoNintendo

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