Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Mega Man Chevy Uplander

What's cooler than the Oscar Mayer Weenier Mobile? How about a spiffy Mega Man Chevy Uplander?Promotional paint job only, I'm afraid. However, the Mega Man connection goes beyond that: Apparently, select '05 - '08 models of the Chevy Uplander are equipped with a 40GB multimedia entertainment system boasting built-in Mega Man games to entertain backseat passengers during those long, winded family outings. Unfortunately, it was never specified which MM games graced the system, but an old preview for the automobile seemed to indicate they spanned across the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

Care to enlighten us, Uplander owners?


  1. Thought I saw this here already...

    Oh well, if not then I saw it someplace.

  2. Having Mega Man on your car is a big plus.

  3. If I knew I wouldn't be an instant social outcast I'd put a paintjob like that on my van in an instant. Just awesome.

  4. I dunno... the weiner mobile looks like a weiner. Have the mobile Megaman shaped then we'll talk.

  5. I swear you've featured this before Protodude. XD


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