Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Unseen Mega Man 8 Prototype - Frost Man's Stage w/Alternate Music

An anonymous PRC reader brought these videos to my attention: footage of a work in progress version of Frost Man's stage from a prototype build of Mega Man 8.  Differences include incomplete backgrounds with no lighting effects, completely different background music, unused sound effects (see second video) and a bunch of other superficial stuff.

Jump to the 2:52 point for the prototype stuff:

For comparison, here's the final version of Frost Man's stage (skip to 2:30):

Thanks anon


  1. Actually, I do not care about the music.

  2. @anon#1

    Good thing protodude
    didn't make this blog for you then.

  3. lol.. why whoopie ? :P

  4. Hmmmm...This is by the same guy who did the MEGA MAN 10 "what if" videos (which were pretty good, by the way). The prototype is interesting - the music is pretty good, and I always like looking at the variations in the stage layouts (and even the fact that Rock had a different color while using the Mega Ball weapon).

    Still, some of the songs he said "no one knows about" weren't that obscure. MEGA MAN II and V on the Game Boy both had some really good music (V especially), even if perhaps he didn't discover this fact until fairly recently...

  5. @anon2:

    It is not your decision to make. Thanks.

    I am telling you the truth that I do not care about the music like this. Please do not comment about it. We are comment about it from our own opinions. Respect people's opinions, alright ?

  6. Music is the sole reason why I play Megaman. They're just so awesome. I like the Unused Frostman stage.

  7. Awesome videos - the music is one of my favorite parts of the entire MegaMan franchise. :)

    And you up there? annon#1? Grow up. Please.


    On a related note, I've never actually seen footage from MegaMan Battle & Chase. I realize this makes me less of a MegaMan fan but I really hadn't! But seeing it in the first video (combined with that awesome music) does nothing but torment me with the thought that we'll never, ever see it revived on the Wii a la Mario Kart. And I want it to be so badly! Do you understand how kickass that would be?!


  8. @Ageman20XX,

    Please be quiet! Anon # 1 can speak about whatever he/she wants. Stop it, Ageman20XX.

    Can we please talk about something else? oh man!

  9. @Anonymous: I wasted one line of text telling you to grow up, and now you've wasted 3 entire posts. You didn't even contribute to the conversation - you just whined and sulked. Seriously, stop it.

    Sorry Protodude, this is the last you'll hear about this from me - I can't believe I'm actually replying to that. >_<


    On-topic, doesn't anyone else think a Mario Kart styled Battle & Chase would be awesome? By styled I mean visually, of course - we'd certainly wanna retain the gameplay that makes Battle & Chase so awesome. Or at least it looks awesome...I wouldn't really know, lol.


  10. @Ageman,

    Grow up ? You are being silly. I can see this is going to be an annoying battle. Keep your mouth shut!


    My apology. No more annoying people like him. :)

    I always enjoy reading your news report and article. Keep up the good work! ;)

    - Private

  11. obvious troll is obvious


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