Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mega Man DVD Collection Half-Off At Best Buy

Under-performing Best Buy stores throughout North America have slashed prices on countless anime DVDs in an attempt to improve their anime sales. For one reason or another, the recently released Mega Man DVD Collection is considered an anime by Best Buys' standards, so it to is half off.

I can confirm the price of the disc is now $11.50, original $23.00 -- I popped in early today to take advantage of the sale, leaving with roughly three box sets, all of which originally $100.00.

If you've yet to purchase the DVD collection, I highly recommend taking advantage of the offer.

Please note, not all Best Buys in North America are running this promotion. Check out this list for stores near you where the clearance is in effect.


  1. I will never buy anythin from Best Buy.. The company is very expensive. The Best Buy is evil and horrible. I missed Circuit City because they are awesome and cheaper and affordable. Dont buy anything from Best Buy. try Amazon or other stores that might sell this DVD collection cheaper than Best Buy.

  2. Uh, dude? At 50% off these DVDs are cheaper than the Amazon prices.

    Best Buy isn't anymore evil that Circuit City was. They're all corporations that want your money in the end. Best Buy just happens to be a somewhat smarter business.

  3. you left with 3 copies?! well, it was half off. i'm fine with my old copy, nothing really new with the new.

  4. ^
    lol no, not three copies of the MM collection. I picked up Eva platinum, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and Transformers season 1


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