Thursday, March 12, 2009

Auction: Rockman Key Chain Set

Not enough crud dangling from your keys? Then this auction's for you.

Up for bidding is a self proclaimed set of "uber rare" Rockman keychains, complete with the original store display. Apparently, the set was given to the seller as a gift from a friend who paid a "handsome sum against collectors." Well then, I guess there must be some sort of value behind these little nuggets.

Bidding starts at $9.99. You up for it?

They're nifty looking and all, but one has to wonder: will they make it impossible to slip your keys in your pocket? Look at all those edges...


  1. Looks to me like Wily is holding a beer bottle. It certainly would explain a lot!

  2. Here is some info on it. It's actually chinese in origin. The set itself is missing Blues (which instead is doubled up with 2 Beats). The Blues had a blue shield and the Forte was done in purple (which is somewhat noticable in the auction). These are somewhat "unlicensed" and originally came in clear boxed form. Anyhow. Hope that helps.

    - The Shadow -


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