Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rockman Goods At Capcom-Unity Auctions

It's that time again: Capcom-Unity's giving you the chance to win a plethora of rare Capcom goods including an adorable Rockman plushie and a spiffy Ice Man badge. All you have to do is bid a desired amount of "Unity Points" (currency), wait it out and see if you've won. Simple.

For more instructions on how to bid, head on over to this topic.


  1. You can earn unity points by applying for Capcom's credit card as well. That's about the only way I could earn points, no time to post 500 messages a day.

  2. They don't ship this stuff to Canada. I feel ripped off just for checking it out!

  3. Actually Shawn that is how it used to be. They now ship to all of North America. After you win if you live outside of the United States of America, I believe after you win you need to message either Snow or S-Kill. So if you live in Canada you can receive these goods.

    They are working on Europe too.


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