Monday, March 2, 2009

Fan-made Rockman AMV To Be Aired On TV

Capcom-Unity member XHunter is feeling real good right about now: Anime Fun TV, a local public access channel in San Antonio, Texas, plans on airing XHunter's "Rockman.Exe - Woodman" AMV on television. In addition, the AMV will be a part of AFTV's upcoming DVD (not for profit), set for distribution at Oni-Con 2009.

Congrats XHunter!


  1. Holy Crap, that's awesome news for XHunter! Though, he deserves it. I've seen this AMV Like, somwhere when it got out and I found it really awesome!

  2. So... why is it called Rockman.exe Woodman if it has clips from all the series? O.o

    I'm not fond of random clips flashing before my eyes to a random tune, giving me seizures, but hey, it's an accomplishment for those who do. Nice job, man!

  3. Good for him!! That's one high quality AMV, very well edited. Although, sometimes the clips were cycling through so quickly it was a bit discomfiting, and you didn't get to enjoy them.

  4. Looks professionally done, almost. I can see why they chose it, though it still seems kind of unbelieveable that any 'real world' company would give any fan-made material attention, even though it deserves it. They must of thought it was pretty amazing (and I agree, pretty much.)


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