Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Learn To Read With Mega Man!

Times are tough. For you, for me and especially the small family driven businesses like my all time favorite local bookstore. After thirty years of business, "Abraham Books" is closing up shop, falling victim to the "everything must go" demise. So I dropped by, scavenging for books that piqued my interest when I stumbled upon this little nugget: "Mega Man NT Warrior: Robotic Fish Gone Wild!" a "learn-to-read book" for children.

The book, (written by Tracey West in 2005) is a faithful adaptation of the NT Warrior episode of the same name wherein "DenTech City" is attacked by a swarm of nutty robotic fish.

As you can see to the left, the dialogue is simple and charming, clearly written for first time readers. Older fans won't get much out of it as you can whip through it in under two minutes. What's really cool are the pictures, full color screenshots from the actual episode.

Simply put, this book is just awesome; it's great for teaching kids how to read especially those who have a fascination with the Blue Bomber.

You can purchase the book at Amazon for a measly $0.19! New copies will run you $5.00 -- way cheaper than what I got mine for. :)

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  1. How neat! That'd be something fun to own...


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