Monday, March 2, 2009

Mega Man Legends Unreal Tournament Mod

Oh the fun that was "classic" Unreal Tournament, the game every "true PC gamer" had to play...

UT was popular among rag tag hackers for it's user friendly modification system, allowing anyone with basic programing knowledge to create games of their very own. Such is the case here with a simple Mega Man Legends skin mod:

If you're still an avid fan of the original UT, be sure to give these skins a go. Check out the video description for direct links to the patches.


  1. Interesting. Not for me but very nice idea, indeed.

  2. OMG Roll's got a gun run for youe lives!!!!!

  3. Haha!

    I thought sure you'd posted this a while ago. This has been out for quite a while; I'm friends with the guy who made the skins in the first place.

    I've been able to play as Trigger, Roll, and Teisel; and it's awesome. Last I checked, he was working on making some RockMan Juno Skins.....

  4. Not too bad, but I really wish that the very promising MEGA MAN LEGENDS EXPANSION project hadn't fallen by the wayside a year or so ago...It looked quite good too:

  5. In case you didn't notice its not only skins. I added the voicepacks you can hear. Roll says things like "I made some apricot pie", and "do you see a door?". While Megaman says things like "are you all right?", and Teisel saying "do they think they can beat us?". It makes the game much more enjoyable.


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