Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Capcom Still Bent On Localizing 'Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom'

Regardless of the hurdles, Capcom USA is hell bent on bringing Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom stateside.

In an interview with, Capcom's VP of Strategic Marketing, Christian Svensson, stated that we "should not rule [a North American release] out. That is all I can say right now. I can't say it's happening definitively. I couldn't give you a time frame, but as badly as the fans want it, we want to bring it."

In addition, Svensson once again brought to light various issues holding back a Western release:

"There are licensing issues to contend with," he said. "The Tatsunoko rights are split as far as how they are held in the west. Tatsunoko obviously holds all of the rights in Japan so they can grant all of those characters usage through Japan very easily. But when they license those properties out to various stakeholders in the west, aligning all of those things properly, and to be fair the team that did it is working on something else now, so actually also clawing back the resources to do a localised version, to make any changes that are needed to get through those licensing issues, these are all things that need to be aligned before we can actually profit from this happening."

"The team that did it is a very talented team in high demand. And unfortunately they're not an internal team so we don't have 100 per cent control of saying OK just pull those guys back in. They have their own business to run."

Very comforting to know the guys are still on it. From what I've gathered, TvC is a great game, definetly worthy of a localization. Here's hoping for the best.


  1. Do it do it do it do it! I want this game, Capcom!

  2. Hell Bent? Hardly... determined? sure.

    So, if the various tatsunoko IP's are published by different media houses in the US, would it still be called tatsunoko v capcom over here?

  3. That was the same reason the Shonen Jump fighting games never came over here. It's a darn shame, they ought to put clauses in there that gives them rights to publish games like this without having to obtain consent granted the license holders get a share of the profits as well.

  4. I just played it on USA Wii and it was awesome game and it should bring to the USA but if it can't then I will still play it on my USA Wii. I know I will never understand japanese storyline in it but it s worth to buy anyway.

  5. I would love to finally see, Marvel Vs Capcom 3



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